Hamilton Fire Department

Hamilton Fire Department Logo - photo of firefighters in dress uniformThe Hamilton Fire Department responds to many types of emergency calls including fires, medical calls, motor vehicle collisions, alarm conditions, gas leaks and carbon monoxide alarm calls. In addition, we provide specialized rescue services such as rope rescues, confined space rescue and hazardous materials response. An effective response includes dispatching the appropriate number and type of resources required to mitigate an incident and is an important marker of citizen safety and service.

We align with the City's Strategic Priorities:

Healthy & Safe Communities

The goal of the Hamilton Fire Department is to respond and effectively deal with each call for assistance and deal with all citizens in a caring, compassionate manner. 

Community Engagement & Partnerships

The goal of the Hamilton Fire Department is to educate the public on services we provide and fire safety matters so citizens understand what behaviours contribute to fires and what actions are necessary to prevent fires from occurring.

Service streams:

The protection of lives and property is paramount to the Hamilton Fire Department for residential occupancies as well as commercial, industrial and institutional occupancies.


Total Responses



2018 Q3
Each response is handled by trained firefighters who through their direct involvement and actions mitigate the incident.

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Response Type

Life Threatening Medical

2018 Q3
Hamilton Firefighters are trained to deal with a wide variety of response types and brings each one to a successful conclusion.

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By Ward

WARD 2 (Highest)

2018 Q3
Continued fire prevention activities and public education can contribute to a reduction in some types of responses.

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Apparatus Responses


2018 Q3
The type of incident will determine the number of personnel and apparatus required to respond.

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