Hamilton Paramedic Services

Paramedics BannerThe Hamilton Paramedic Service (HPS) provides pre-hospital advanced medical and trauma care as well as the transportation of patients from emergency incidents to appropriate health care facilities.  The HPS also provides public education on safety and risk prevention to help alleviate demands on the service.

We align with the City's Strategic Priorities:

Community Engagement & Participation

To enhance the wellness of the community, HPS has initiated a variety of engagement opportunities including the Hamilton Paramedic Service (HPS) Community Garden, fundraising campaigns with local health partners and public access defibrillator programs.

Healthy & Safe Communities

In addition to providing on scene emergency medical response, HPS provides a variety of preventative health care programs and services that encourage healthy living.  These include the Cardiovascular Health Assessment by Emergency Medical Services (CHAPEMS) in City of Hamilton buildings, co-ordinated at home follow-up services for at risk patients through our Community Paramedic program and mental health and addiction response for at risk residents through the collaborative partnership with the Hamilton Police Service - Social Navigator Program.

Our People & Performance

Paramedics in Ontario are governed by the Ambulance Act, its regulations and standards. As a result each Paramedic is annually certified by a physician to conduct delegated controlled medical acts under the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.  All of these requirements are supported by a rigorous quality assurance and improvement program that looks to improve on both system and behavioural choices to ensure high quality services to the patients and clients we serve.

Total Events


2018 January to September
An event is generated every time a person calls 911 and requests the assistance of a paramedic through our Central Ambulance Communication Centre

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Total Responses


2018 January to September
A response is the number of paramedic vehicles that are sent to an event. This number is typically higher than the number of events, since more than one vehicle is sometimes sent to a unique event.

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Total Transports


2018 January to September
Transports are the total number of patients that are transported to hospital by a paramedic.  This number is typically lower than the number of events, as some patients refuse transport to hospital once assessed by a paramedic.

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Target Response Times

75% Standard

2018 January to September
This percentage reflects the number of times that a paramedic resource arrives at a medical event within a specific time frame and is based on a predetermined percentage benchmark set by the City of Hamilton and approved by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

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Code Zero


2018 January to September
The number of times there are 1 or fewer ambulances.

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Type of call

Weakness / Dizziness / Unwell

Top ten patient complaints as determined by the paramedic after initial assessment.

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Transfer of Care at Hospital

within 30 mins

2018 January to September
This is the length of time a paramedic spends at hospital prior to the hospital accepting responsibility for the patient. 

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