Home Fire Safety Education Program

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Public Education is part of the core services that the Hamilton Fire Department provides for citizens. The HFD is focused on engaging with residents through public events and the Department’s Home Fire Safety Education Program.

Story behind the numbers

Following a particularly tragic year in 2016, the Hamilton Fire Department launched the Home Fire Safety Education program as part of their commitment to address how the HFD could better educate residents on home fire safety.

Performance improvements

This is a new pro-active initiative as of May 2017. Hamilton firefighters are going door to door and talking to residents about home fire safety and checking smoke alarms in an effort to achieve a higher compliance rate of operational smoke alarms in homes across the City.

Source: Hamilton Fire Department, extracted February, 2018

Number of homes visited, smoke alarms installed, batteries installed and contacts made with the public

Month to month with a year to date total

Month (2017) Total Visits Smoke Alarms Installed Batteries Installed Contacts
May 1121 140 30 923
June 3483 407 95 2413
July 2077 260 43 1391
August 2411 268 61 1714
September 1333 146 29 1110
Total 10426 1221 258 7551