Housing First Intervention & Retention Rate


By meeting and exceeding the required retention rates, Hamilton is moving towards eliminating chronic homelessness.

Story behind the numbers

In 2017, Housing First housed 204 individuals, exceeding the target of housing 138 individuals. 93% of those individuals remained housed at 6 and 12 months. The targeted housing retention rate for Housing First is 80%.

Performance improvements

In order to support retention, efforts are being made to ensure that individuals are provided with the right level of housing support based on their need and choices, in accordance with available resources.

Source: Housing First program data

Retention for 6 and 12 months

Calendar Year Yearly Target for Housing First Actual Housing First Numbers Retention Rate
2017 138 204 93%
2018 January to March 34 69 93%
2018 April to June 35 54 95%

Note: 2018 Target is 138