Housing Services

The Housing Services Division works to ensure everyone has a home by facilitating new affordable housing development, improving the quality of existing housing, increasing housing affordability, and facilitating the provision of appropriate supports to keep people housed and to end chronic homelessness.

We align with the City's Strategic Priorities:

Healthy & Safe Communities

Through the provision of supports and housing, the Housing Services Division is working to end chronic homelessness and through programs and policies increase the availability of affordable housing in Hamilton.

Built Environment & Infrastructure

Through direct investment, the Housing Services Division facilitates the creation of new and the preservation of existing affordable housing. By directly investing in the quality of social housing and through the provision of housing supports, the Housing Services Division helps ensure people are living in safe and adequate housing.

New affordable rental units approved

Icon of house being built 


New affordable rental development is generally reliant on investment from the City of Hamilton and upper levels of government of up to $200,000 per unit.

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Social housing units rehabilitated or preserved

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Units rehabilitated or preserved though the 2016 Municipal Capital Grant Program or Poverty Reduction Fund.

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Housing First intervention & retention rate

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2018 Q2
The percentage of people who are housed that stay housed through the Housing First program at 6 and 12 months 

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Successfully housed from the social housing waitlist

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2018 Q3
The number of households housed from the Access to Housing Waitlist 

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