Missed Collection Inquiries

Merging Citizen Dashboard with Open Hamilton

The Citizen Dashboard is being converted into an Open Data format, linking the Citizen Dashboard with Open Hamilton. During this conversion, the data on the Citizen Dashboard will not be updated quarterly, resulting in some data being out of date. The conversion is expected to be completed in September 2019. 


Measures the quality of the service provided. A target of a maximum of four inquiries per 10,000 pickups has been set, which is consistent with other municipalities. The current service level is exceeding the target. This metric includes mandated recycling, green cart, leaf and yard and garbage collection for curbside operations.

Story behind the numbers

In Q2 2018, the City of Hamilton received 7,781 inquiries from over  6.6 million pickups, which converts to a rate of 3.21 inquiries per 10,000 pickups. The City responds to service related inquiries within one business day.

Performance improvements

Reductions in inquiries highlight an improvement in waste collection accuracy and efficiency, providing better service to residents, improving residents’ service experience and expectations. The City of Hamilton continues to maintain a high level of curbside collection service.

Source: City of Hamilton, Public Works Department (Environmental Services Division), extracted December 2017.
Previous years, 12 months data. 2017 data from January to December.

Missed curbside collections reported per 10,000 pickups

Year Total Inquiries Total Pickups Per 10,000 Pickups
2014 10094 25517700 3.96
2015 9055 26046940 3.48
2016 9448 26375645 3.58
2017 7781 26439348 2.94
2018 Q2 4289 13353600 3.21