Non-Residential Property Assessment


Growth in the non-residential property assessment base will assist in controlling residential property taxes and future property tax increases while developing a prosperous and diverse local economy. Property taxes contributed 57% of the City of Hamilton’s 2017 annual tax supported gross operating budget of $1.5 billion.

Story behind the numbers

The City of Hamilton’s non-residential property assessment as a percentage of total assessment averages about 13%. It has held relatively steady at this percentage since 2013 (the range has been between 12.9% and 13.3%).

Residential property taxes as a percentage of household income are steady at slightly more than 4% (estimated to be 4.3% for 2017).

Performance improvements

As per the City of Hamilton’s Economic Development Action Plan 2016 - 2020 (December 2016) the City’s goal is to attract and retain businesses in Hamilton in order to grow our non-residential assessment while also providing an increased number of living-wage job opportunities.  Areas of focus include small business development, promoting and selling Hamilton, commercial area revitalization, leveraging city real estate interests and open for business initiatives.

Source: City of Hamilton Corporate Services Department

Total Property Assessment

Total Property Assessment 2016
Non-Residential Property Assessment 13.0%
Residential Property Assessment 87.0%