Ontario Works

Ontario Works provides income and employment assistance for people who are in financial need. The program, while providing funds for housing and basic needs like food, benefits (e.g. dental), and medication costs, focuses on helping people find work and become financially independent.

In addition, the program also assists individuals and families with the purchase of health and non-health related items to improve the quality of life, health, wellness and safety to support independence in our community. These benefits are not covered by other government programs.

We align with the City's Strategic Priorities:

Healthy & Safe Communities

The immediate mandate for Ontario Works Hamilton is to provide timely and efficient financial assistance to all eligible citizens in order to meet their basic food and shelter needs.

Economic Prosperity & Growth

The objective of Ontario Works Hamilton is to work with each citizen accessing our services and support them in achieving their goals for sustainable employment or an alternate permanent financial support source.

Caseload size

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Reported for August 2018
Caseloads inform the ratio of caseload to case managers among other staffing and program resources.

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New cases

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Reported for August 2018
The number of new cases to the OW program tracked monthly.

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Assessment time

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7 days

Reported for August 2018
The average number of business days from screening to financial eligibility decision.

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Reported employment earnings

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1,613 cases

Reported for August 2018
The number of clients reporting employment earnings. When clients report earnings, they receive a ‘top-up’ rather than a maximum benefit payment.

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OW program exits

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585 cases

Reported for August 2018
The number of cases exiting the OW program who no longer require financial support from Ontario Works.

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Program exits due to employment

72 cases

Reported for August 2018
The number of cases who have secured financial independence and are now self-supporting.

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