Paramedics Total Responses

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To assist in the planning of how HPS deploys its resources that meet the clinical needs of its residents/visitors, while ensuring the efficient use of resources and maintain legislative requirements under the Ambulance Act of Ontario.

Story behind the numbers

As a result of an event (911 call for paramedic assistance), one paramedic vehicle is immediately dispatched to the call to render assistance.  In instances such as motor vehicle collisions and complex medical/traumatic emergencies, multiple paramedic vehicles are required to service the 911 event, to assist with multiple patients and/or enhance clinical care.  This results in multiple paramedic vehicles being assigned to one 911 event.

Performance improvements

HPS is currently updating its’ deployment plan to reduce the number of responses to a single event.  In addition to this, the MOHLTC will be implementing a new dispatch software in 2019 to better equip Ambulance Communications Officers in determining what resources are required to service a particular event

Total Responses 

Year Total Events
2013 75595
2014 71214
2015 73919
2016 79150
2017 83928
2018 - January to September 62945


Average Responses per Day 

Year Average Responses per Day
2013 207
2014 195
2015 203
2016 216
2017 230
2018 - January to September 231