Paramedics Transfer of Care at Hospital

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When required to remain on an ambulance stretcher, patients are uncomfortable and have limited privacy. In addition to this, these delays directly contribute to the paramedics ability to respond to other emergencies in the community.

Story behind the numbers

The MOHLTC recommends that hospitals off-load paramedic patients 90% of the time within 30 minutes after arriving at hospital.  Given the challenges in the City of Hamilton and the historic hospital performance, new interim targets will be to have 90% of patients being transferred into the responsibility of the hospital within 60 minutes, with 100% being transferred within 2 hours.

Performance improvements

The City of Hamilton and hospital senior leadership are aggressively perusing quality improvement activities to meet these standards.

Transfer of Care Times at Hospital 

Year MOHLTC Target 90% Under 30 mins Interim COH Target 90% Under 60 mins Target 100% Under 120 Minutes
2014 62% 86% 97%
2015 51% 81% 94%
2016 48% 78% 93%
2017 43% 74% 90%
2018 - January to June 42% 72% 82%