Public Events

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The Hamilton Fire Department is an integral part of the community. Participation in public events allows HFD to interact and educate the public on fire safety measures but also the many services provided to citizens.

Story behind the numbers

Hamilton Fire Department personnel attend community events and schedule pro-active sessions with the public in an effort to educate residents on fire safety matters. This helps citizens understand what behaviours contribute to fires and what actions are necessary in order to prevent fires from occurring.

Performance improvements

The Fire Protection and Prevention Act require that the Hamilton Fire Department provide public education programs to citizens. Improved knowledge of fire safety matters can lead to a change in behaviours and a reduction in the number of responses and more specifically, structure fires, associated property loss/ injuries and deaths.

Source: Hamilton Fire Department, extracted February, 2018

Source: Hamilton Fire Department, extracted February, 2018

Number of public events the Hamilton Fire Department participated in including number of child, adult and senior participants

Annual (reported quarterly) and previous 2 years

Year Total Events Child Participants Adult Participants Senior Participants
2016 646 34203 13940 3343
2017 582 32807 17331 3674
2018 Q3 503 22573 9253 3614
Total 1731 92641 40638 10633