Successful Housing from Social Housing Waitlist


Demand for affordable housing in Hamilton is increasing as income is not keeping pace with the rising costs of housing. Tracking the number of households who are housed from the waitlist demonstrates the success of households accessing housing through the social housing waitlist.

Story behind the numbers

In 2017, there were 672 households who secured social housing through the social housing waitlist. The waitlist increased from 2016 to 2017 by approximately 5%. Affordability issues are preventing people's ability to leave social housing.

Performance improvements

There is a significant shortfall in social housing options as the Access to Housing Waitlist is around 6,000 households.

Source: Access to Housing waitlist data

Households housed from the Access to Housing, Social Housing waitlist

Year Housed off the social housing waitlist On the social housing waitlist
December 31st
2015 818 5685
2016 662 5964
2017 672 6293
2018 Q3 414 6841 (September 30, 2018)