Waste Collection & Diversion Programs

The focus of the information included on this dashboard is collection from residential properties and multi-residential buildings.

  • Recycling and Organic Waste Collection services - Collection of waste that is diverted from the landfill. This includes blue box recycling, green bin organics, and leaf and yard collection from eligible properties.
  • Garbage collection - Collection of residual waste that ends up in landfill.

We align with the City's Strategic Priorities:

Clean & Green

Complete and efficient collection of all waste streams contributes to a clean and prosperous environment and enhances public satisfaction with our city.

Our People & Performance

A consistently low number of “Missed Collection Inquiries” increases customer confidence in the City's service provision.

Community Engagement & Participation

The percentages of divertible waste point to the success of customer outreach campaigns to inform the public about the 3 R’s (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) and the benefits to the community of our waste diversion goals.

Tonnage collected

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2017 Q1, Q2 & Q3
Collection of all waste streams occurs weekly at residential and multi-residential locations.

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Missed collection inquiries

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2017 Q1, Q2 & Q3
Missed curbside collections reported per 10,000 pickups

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Residual garbage

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A higher percent of non-divertibles in curbside black bag audits as a result of more waste being diverted from landfill.

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