Wastewater Treated


Measure of the City's ability to treat and process wastewater demands of the community.

Story behind the numbers

This metric shows how much wastewater is treated and discharged to the natural environment. Weather influences the flow of wastewater to the treatment plant due to Hamilton having a large area where sanitary and storm sewers are combined.

Performance improvements

The Woodward Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade program is a multi-year initiative that will rehabilitate existing infrastructure and improve effluent quality (wastewater discharge to the Harbour).


Quarterly average wastewater volume treated - ML/d (Megalitres per day)*

Woodward and Dundas Wastewater Treatment Plant Flow

Year Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Yearly Average
2016 363.1 311.0 266.4 278.9 304.9 ML/d
2017 357.1 476.7 314.3 289.4 359.4 ML/d
2018 356.3 348.5 289.1   331.3 ML/d

1 Megalitre =  1,000,000 Litres