Water Supply & Distribution

Hamilton Water is responsible for the treatment and distribution of clean, safe drinking water across the city, and the collection and treatment of wastewater and storm water.  Water is distributed to urban areas by pumping water from Lake Ontario or from municipal wells, through a central water distribution system to residential homes and businesses. The water distribution system includes approximately 2,075 kilometres of water mains, 13,073 fire hydrants, 20,860 water valves and 150,000 service connections.

We align with the City's Strategic Priorities:

Clean & Green

We protect public health and the environment by ensuring legislative compliance, focusing on energy efficient operations and disciplined water management. 

Built Environment & Infrastructure

Hamilton Water provides effective and efficient responses to maintain and restore water and wastewater infrastructure across the city.

Daily water production

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235.1 ML/d (Megalitres per day)

2018 Q3
Quantity of drinking water that is produced and distributed to the City’s residents and ICI (Industrial, Commercial, Institutional) facilities by the Woodward Water Treatment Plant

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Emergency response repairs

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2018 Q3
Demonstrates the effective response (< 48 hours) of Hamilton Water to repair watermains and water service pipes.

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Water quality incidents

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2018 Q3
The number of adverse water quality incidents (AWQI) demonstrates the effectiveness of our drinking water management system in meeting the Ontario Drinking Water Standards enforced by the Safe Water Drinking Act.

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Daily wastewater treated

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289.1 ML/d (Megalitres per day)

2018 Q3
Quantity of wastewater that is processed by the Woodward and Dundas Wastewater Treatment Plants and discharged to the natural environment. 

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