Button graphic - HSRnowHSRnow is a suite of products that provide real-time, 24/7 access to service information, including alerts for our customers through multiple channels.

Automated Twitter, Bus Check, Wayside and On-street signage


@HSRnow Twitter account 

Follow @HSRnow, where automated service alerts are tweeted as they happen, 24/7. This account has a direct line to our control room and therefore access to up-to-the-minute information. Service cancellations are tweeted at the ‘trip’ level, meaning that each time a bus misses a trip (from one end of its line to the other end of its line), or partial trip, a tweet will be generated with TO and FROM information, including times. Each tweet represents one bus for one of its trips.

@HSRnow service alerts decoded

@hsr Twitter account 

Follow @hsr for proactive operational information, customer service inquiries and marketing messages.

Bus Check and Wayside information

Bus Check and Wayside (digital screens inside terminals) will now recite/display up-to-the-minute information about cancelled service.

On-street signage

On-street signage (LED panels outside of terminals) will reflect service cancellations by removing information about buses that are not in service.

Frequently Asked Questions

It says the #HSR1 is cancelled from A to B. Does this mean that all buses on this route, at this time, will be cancelled?
No, it means a single bus is out of service creating a gap in the frequency that buses come. If you were waiting 5 minutes for a bus, you now may be waiting for 10 minutes. Our staff work to space the buses to minimize your wait.

Why are you tweeting so often?
We tweet every single trip that is cancelled in order to provide relevant, timely information. A ‘trip’ is considered as a bus travelling from one end of its line to the other end of its line. By providing information to this level of detail, customers have better information about the specific bus that they are waiting for.

Why didn’t you tweet as much in the past?
Our past process was manual, and contained extra steps that required more staff intervention. Switching to an automated system takes out the unnecessary steps and gives you direct access to information as it becomes available.

Why don’t you give a reason other than Out of Service?
For the safety of our staff and operations, we only advise that the bus is out of service.

Why do you have two Twitter accounts: @hsr and @HSRnow?
We created the @HSRnow Twitter account as part of a group of real-time ‘HSRnow’ products that we are developing, such as a web-responsive trip planner and mobile app. These HSRnow products are focused on letting you know where your bus is and when it’s going to get to where you are. We have gone back to using the @hsr Twitter account as it was originally intended for communication, outreach, and marketing messages.

Where can I submit a complaint or compliment?
Feedback can be sent to our customer service team, email hsrserve@hamilton.ca or phone 905-546-2424, ext. 1801.