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Parking Payment App

We are making it easier for you to pay for parking in Hamilton. Simply download the new Passport Parking App from the Apple Store or Google Play Store to create your free account. Park anywhere you see the Passport Parking App sign, enter the 4-digit location ID to pay, track or add time to your parking directly from your smartphone. Note: Posted street signage and by-laws still apply. App accepts Visa and Mastercard payments only.

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Download the app on the App Store and Google Play

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Parking Payments Made Easy

Park where you see a parking app sign, add time to your parking session, get emailed reciepts.

illustration of app notification no coins
No coins, no problem

  • Pay quickly and securely with your phone
  • Forget refilling the meter in the rain or braving the cold. 

illustration of app notification no rush
No need to rush

  •  Add time to your parking session directly from your phone.
  • Your plans change, your parking spot shouldn't.
  • Simply extend your parking  session via our app.

illustration of app notification no stress
Stress-free parking

  • Get alerts when your parking session is about to end.
  • Stop worrying about how much time is left on the meter.

illustration of app notification get receipts
Easy expenses

  • Receive email receipts at the end of your parking session
  • Expenses made easy, manage your parking history through the mobile app. 


  • Download the Passport Parking app from the ​Apple App Store​ or ​Google Play store​.
  • Create an account with your mobile phone number or email address. 
  • Park anywhere you see Passport Parking app signs & decals. 
  • Pay for your parking session from your phone. 
  • Extend your time remotely if you’d like to stay longer! 

The zone number is required to start your parking session and identifies where you are parked. You can find the zone number located on signs and decals where the app is available.

You can use the app to pay for your parking at any on-street meter or machine, and any municipal car park in the City of Hamilton, excluding the Convention Centre Garage and the York Parkade.

Each time a customer uses the app to pay for their parking, a user fee charge of $0.15 will be charged back to the customer. This is a nominal fee in order to continue to provide this service to the public.

Please refer to the posted time limits which appear on the applicable regulatory on-street signage. for example:

  • If you are parked at a meter that has a two-hour time limit, you will only be able to purchase two hour’s worth of time. You will also not be able to extend time on this meter beyond two hours.
  • If you are parked at a meter that has a No Parking. Rush Hour Restriction from 7 am to 9 am, you will not be able to park and purchase time until 9:01 am.

You cannot change a space number or update your license plate once a session is started. If a session has been started in the incorrect space or have you selected the wrong vehicle, please start a new session with the correct information and then use the 'Contact Us' button so our support team can void the one made in error. Questions regarding parking rules for a specific location should be directed to the local parking operator.

You can view your parking history in the Passport Parking app or website at Go to ‘My Account’ from the main screen to view recent sessions. Tap on a transaction to view details and generate receipts. To view more parking session history, click ‘See All’. For a full parking history, visit and click the ‘Log In’ button at the top right.

You can start additional parking sessions by clicking ‘New Session’ from the main screen.

When signing up, you will receive a 6 digit verification code via text or email to ensure you have correctly entered your cell phone number or email address. Your PIN is a 4 digit number of your choice that you will log in with. Make sure you remember your PIN to login in the future.

The Passport Parking app is available on smartphones with iOS 9.3 or Android 5.0 and above. Smartphone users with older versions or different operating systems can use the web app. When using mobile pay web to pay for parking online, a modern browser like Chrome is most compatible

You cannot reduce the amount of time or get a refund once a parking session has been submitted.

If you are parking a vehicle with a temporary license plate, please enter the temporary license plate number and state into the application and use it for the session. You can add your permanent license plate information later once you receive it.

Just as you would do with your own space or vehicle information, you can pay for another person’s parking with the app. Enter the zone, followed by the respective space or the license plate number parked in the location. Thanks for being generous!

From 'My Account', go to the 'Vehicles' page. You can add new vehicles or modify existing ones.

Please reach out to our support team via the 'Contact Us' button after completing the following steps. Note that if you entered a zone in the wrong city your parking session is not valid. You will need to create another parking session with the correct zone – we cannot transfer sessions.

  • Click ‘My Account’ to view your parking history
  • Click the incorrect parking session and copy the transaction number
  • Provide the transaction number to City of Hamilton, via the 'Contact Us' button, so they can void the session

If you received this invalid space error your parking session is not valid or the time for the location is not available because the location is closed.