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Hamilton Harbour

Hamilton Harbour is a reflection of the people, businesses and natural habitats around it. If we protect the harbour and use it wisely, it can support industry and commerce; offer recreation, sport and cultural experiences; and become a healthy and sustainable ecosystem.

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Hamilton's Clean Harbour Program

Hamiltonians and Hamilton City Council have made it clear that bringing Hamilton Harbour back to health is a community priority. Hamilton’s Clean Harbour Program is working to transform the harbour by improving water quality, undoing environmental damage caused by decades of neglect and restoring harbour ecology.

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Benefits of Harbour Restoration

Creating a healthy and sustainable Hamilton Harbour is about more than building a vital ecosystem, it is about developing an irreplaceable resource that meets a variety of community needs.

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Current Projects

The Clean Harbour program is a series of projects designed to have a direct impact on the health of our local environment, specifically the water quality of Hamilton Harbour. 

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