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Beach & Park Revitalization

Beach & Park Revitalization - Landscape image of Hamilton Harbour

Some of Hamilton’s most attractive public spaces are its waterfronts and beaches. For this reason, maintaining, protecting and enhancing its public spaces are key initiatives for the City. In order to continue to enjoy Hamilton Harbour, we must protect its water. To preserve Hamilton water quality, the amount of E. coli entering the harbour, as a result from geese and other birds, must be limited and managed.

There are a number of ways that Hamilton is focusing on these initiatives. The control of bird populations is a significant challenge. Birds are discouraged from inhabiting the beach through pyrotechnics, laser lights and bird of prey flags. By grooming and cleaning Hamilton’s beaches and pathways, bird feces are kept to a minimum. Hamilton aims to encourage desirable bird populations, such as terns, to nest and grow in Windermere West. The focus on monitoring bird populations ensures that Hamilton residents can enjoy the parks neighbouring its harbour. 

How does it related to the Hamilton Harbour Remedial Action Plan (HHRAP)?

The goal of the project is to limit the amount of E. coli that enters the harbour as a result of geese and other birds’ feces. Two components that contribute to the delisting of the harbour are clean water and making the harbour swimmable.

Limiting the amount of E. coli carriers contributes to the HHRAP goal of delisting the harbour in a number of ways. The control of geese mitigates damage that could be caused if their population was allowed to expand. Not only does this enhance the area aesthetically and aid in revitalizing water quality, but it also increases the number of days the beaches can be open to the public.

How does it relate to the City of Hamilton's Clean Harbour Program?

Keeping a focus on the water quality of Hamilton Harbour will contribute to the ultimate goal of returning the harbour to a better environmental state. This allows for an ecological balance and clean water. 

What is the return-on-investment for the residents of Hamilton?

There are numerous advantages to maintaining Hamilton Harbour’s ecological balance. This directly results in recreational opportunities on the waterfront, tourism through waterfront parkland events, savings in upkeep of the parks and beautiful public spaces.

Public beach at Bayfront ParkPublic beach at Bayfront Park