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Hamilton Clean Harbour Program

Investing in Our Health and Environment
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The Clean Harbour program is one of the City of Hamilton’s largest and widest-reaching investments of the last two decades. The more than $530 million committed to Clean Harbour projects supports environmental improvements and corresponding benefits for the community. Enhanced wastewater and storm water infrastructure, for example, improves water quality in Hamilton Harbour which leads to safer fishing, safer swimming and better experiences on and near the water. Investments in natural habitat restoration create opportunities for recreation and make Hamilton a more attractive site for new businesses. These are important investments made by the City of Hamilton with the support of other funders, often the Province of Ontario and Government of Canada.

Current Projects:
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  • Woodward Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades:  $340 million
    • Largest project of the Clean Harbour program
    • Funding through the Green Infrastructure Fund, an agreement between municipal, provincial and federal governments
  • Randle Reef Sediment Remediation Project:  $138.9 million
    • Project led by Environment and Climate Change Canada with seven funding partners contributing
    • City of Hamilton contributing $14 million
  • Windermere Basin Project:  $20.5 million
    • Funding partnership with City of Hamilton, Province of Ontario and Government of Canada
  • Dundas Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades:  $20 million
    • Funded under the City of Hamilton’s water and wastewater budget
  • Real-Time Control System:  $10 million
    • $25-35 million in potential projects identified in initial plan
    • Significant portion of funding from Infrastructure Canada’s Canada Strategic Infrastructure Fund