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Woodward Upgrades Project Notice of Construction

Photo of the aerial view of Woodward Avenue Wastewater Treatment Plant

This notice is being provided as an update on the Woodward Avenue Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) Upgrade Project. This upgrade is one of the key projects under the City’s Clean Harbour Program. The Harbour is currently designated as a Federal Area of Concern (AOC) and this project will play a significant role in achieving the goal of delisting in the future. The project will involve a multi-phase plan to upgrade the treatment plant. The completion of this project will see:

  • The addition of a new third level of treatment which will increase the processing of the plant’s treated wastewater. This new process will allow the plant to reach discharge targets set by the Hamilton Harbour Remedial Action Plan to reduce the impact to the Harbour.
  • The total budget for this project is $340 million. $200 million of the budget comes from the provincial and federal governments through the Green Infrastructure Fund.

Rendering of an aerial view of new entrance off Woodward Avenue
Rendering - new entrance off Woodward Avenue

Rendering - new Electrical & Stand-by Power Building
Rendering of the new Electrical & Stand-by Power Building

Rendering of the new Main Pumping StationHamiltonWoodward
Rendering - new Main Pumping Station


During construction, the City will monitor work and the associated impacts to the surrounding community including vehicle flows, dirt and dust accumulation, noise and odours and other potential impacts.

  • Larger trucks will be accessing the site using the main entrance off Woodward Avenue.
  • The City estimates that up to 20 trucks per hour will be entering the site at peak times.
  • There will be up to 300 workers on site daily throughout the project. Contractors will be using Woodward Avenue and Brampton Street to access the staff parking/staging area. The staging area will be located at the end of Brampton Street and Rennie Street and contractors will be shuttled to and from the site.
  • On-street parking will not be impacted by this project.
  • Construction on the plant will began in July 2017 and will extend until 2022.
  • The City’s contractor will be moving equipment to the treatment plant and preparing for construction activities related to the plant upgrade. Trucks will be delivering materials and equipment as required throughout the project.
  • As you travel along Woodward Avenue, you may notice that additional signage has been placed along the road. This signage will be in place throughout the duration of the project and is intended to assist with directing vehicle traffic.

During construction, you may experience intermittent noise, dust and/or odours. The City will make efforts to minimize these impacts and will sweep the streets as required.

What else is happening at Woodward?

Community Liaison Committee

The Woodward Treatment Plant Upgrade Project has a dedicated Community Liaison Committee (CLC). The committee is made up of local members of the community and City staff. The CLC serves as a forum for the exchange of information between the City and representatives from the project community. The CLC focuses on the ‘how’ to assist in informing, engaging and hearing the community during all phases of the project. If you are interested in learning more about the CLC or becoming a member, you may contact us:


  • For questions or concerns regarding vehicle traffic, temporary parking, street sweeping or noise please call:
    • Hamilton Water Customer Service: 905-546-2489 (reference Woodward construction)
  • For questions or concerns regarding odour please call:
    • Hamilton Water Customer Service: 905-546-2489 (Mention odours at Woodward Treatment Plant)