Woodward Upgrades Sub-Projects

Hamilton Clean Harbour Program

Woodward Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades
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At $340 million, the Woodward Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrades represent the largest investment within the City of Hamilton’s Clean Water Program. The upgrade project is a multi-phase, multi-year process that includes a number of sub-projects, each of which has its own specification and timelines. Learn more about what work is currently taking place as part of this project.

Sub-Project Benefits Supporting Resources Current Status

Tertiary Treatment Upgrades, New Chlorine Contact Tank and Improvements to Red Hill Creek

Improved Effluent Quality: Addition of a tertiary treatment process to allow the Woodward Wastewater Treatment Plant to meet stringent Hamilton Harbour Remedial Action Plan targets.

Maximizes Plant Hydraulics: Dedicated discharge location into Red Hill Creek required for tertiary treated effluent, and dedicates existing outfall for increased treatment of wet-weather flows.

Red Hill Creek: Improvements, including widening, of Red Hill Creek between the new and existing outfall to convey the new tertiary treated effluent.   

Red Hill Creek Improvements Kickoff Presentation (PDF, 219 KB)

Learn more about Tertiary Treatment

Tertiary Treatment Upgrades Building Rendering
Tertiary Treatment Upgrades Building Rendering

The project is currently in the detailed design phase.

The tender for construction is scheduled to be released by Q4 2018.

Main Wastewater Pumping Station Upgrades

Increased Capacity: Meet future wet-weather capacity needs of 1700 MLD.

Improved Conveyance: Larger and deeper wet well to mitigate system flooding, provide increased system storage and reduce solids buildup during dry weather flows.

Improved Maintenance: Split wet well design allowing for half of the wet well to be taken off-line for maintenance, while pumping station remains in operation.

Main Pumping Station Contract 1 Renderings:

Final, Woodward Aerial 1Hamilton Clean Harbour Program - Main Pumping Station - Contract 1, architectural drawing 2
Final 2nd Draft, Eye1
Hamilton Clean Harbour Program - Main Pumping Station - Contract 1, architectural drawing 3
Final 2nd Draft, Low Aerial
Hamilton Clean Harbour Program - Main Pumping Station - Contract 1, architectural drawing 1
Full size Pumping Station Architectural Renderings (PDF, 403 KB)

Video: Take a Tour - 3D Wet Well - Fly Through

Contractor: Maple Reinders Constructors Ltd./Ball Construction Ltd. joint venture

Construction of new plant entrance complete as of October 2017, along with relocation of the City’s site offices.

Old tanks being decommissioned to make room for new construction

Work has begun on excavation of the main shaft as well as installation of channels for the new Main Pumping Station.

Electrical and Chlorination System Upgrades

Replace Aging Assets: Reduce risk by replacing critical assets at the end of their useful life.

Increased Standby Power: Provide sufficient standby power to all essential loads.

Energy Efficiencies: Maximize energy efficiencies wherever possible.

Electrical Upgrades - Contract 2 Renderings:

Final 2nd Draft, EyeClean Harbour Woodward Upgrades Electrical Upgrades - Contract 2 Renderings
Final 2nd Draft, Eye 2Clean Harbour Woodward Upgrades Electrical Upgrades - Contract 2 Renderings
Full size Electrical Architectural Renderings (PDF, 315 KB)

Contractor: Alberici Constructors, Ltd.

Contractor mobilizing to site. 

Work underway to temporarily reduce the size of the dog park via fencing to facilitate the installation of a section of the new electrical duct bank. In addition, some removal work has begun in the old Glow Park area to prepare for installation of new fencing and electrical duct bank through that area.

Collection System Upgrades Improved Monitoring and Controls: Series of flow monitoring and control devices installed at strategic location allowing for better hydraulic management of wet-weather flows, optimizing capacity.  

Phase 1: Completed December 2012

Phase 2:
Site Validation: Q2 2018

ECA Submission: Q1 2019

Design & Tender: Q2 2019

Construction & Commissioning: Q4 2020