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Woodward WWTP CLC

The Woodward Avenue Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWWTP) Upgrade Project is a large scale project that will begin in 2017 and is scheduled for completion in 2022.  During that time, construction activities will be undertaken that will impact the community.  While there are significant environmental, economic, and aesthetic benefits associated with the completion of this project, the City understands the importance of maintaining ongoing communication with residents and ensuring the project and associated impacts are compatible with the community. 

The CLC promotes the sharing of information, ideas and concerns regarding the project in an environment where these items can be openly shared and discussed.

CLC meetings assist in informing, engaging and hearing the community during all phases of the project.  Involving community members in the project and creating an opportunity for local residents, businesses and community leaders to provide advice will help to minimize local community disruption and improve decisions and communication.

What is a CLC?

The WWWTP Upgrade and Expansion Project Community Liaison Committee (CLC) is a group that is comprised of 5 City of Hamilton employees, 7-10 local members of the community including residents as well as the local Ward Councillor who provides liaison to council. 

The CLC is structured to provide a balance of perspectives on the Woodward Avenue Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade Project and was formed in partnership between the City and the local community to serve as a forum for the exchange of information between the City and representatives from the community.

Goals and Objectives

The City of Hamilton established the CLC in 2010 to serve as one of many ways for the City and community representatives to exchange information during the planning and construction phases of the project.

Specific CLC goals include:

  • To learn about operations, processes, and projects at the Woodward Avenue WWTP for the management and treatment of wastewater.
  • To attend quarterly evening meetings of the CLC related to the Woodward Avenue WWTP Upgrade Project.
  • To share information about quality of life, business, and other impacts occurring for City residents and businesses due to construction at the Woodward Avenue WWTP site and other similar City projects in the surrounding area.
  • To identify or comment on mitigating measures to be put in place to minimize the effects of impacts.
  • To identify any synergies which the Project Team can leverage that would make improvements to the community.
  • To work co-operatively with other CLC members, staff, and consultants.

Committee Members

Existing CLC community members are eager to provide information and represent their local community on project related matters.  If you would like to speak directly to a CLC community member, you can obtain contact information by calling Cheryl Heaslip at the number provided below. 

If you are interested in becoming a member of the CLC, or if you wish to receive additional information regarding the CLC, please refer to the contact information provided below.

Woodward CLC Committee members

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