Priority Projects

$250k Plan

The preliminary proposal was built via a small number of City staff, with partners participating in-kind. Funding from the grant would be used to create a small, dedicated team with the necessary business, technical and engagement expertise to build a final proposal that is in a ready-to-execute position once approved.

Roles will include:

  • Digital Design and User Experience lead with funding for resident engagement workshops, co-design sessions and advertising to maximize community participation.
  • Project Manager (to write the project charters/plans)
  • Project Coordinator (to work with the PM on the overarching schedule)
  • Technical Consultant (conceptual architecture development and POC)
  • Business Analyst (provide input into the proposal)
  • Stakeholder Engagement Lead
  • Contracts manager (to write up partner MoUs)

Deliverables are expected to include:

  • Development of a cross-partner asset map/inventory of existing products, services, and organizations that can contribute to enable technical design.
  • A multi-stage draft implementation plan.
  • A community engagement and marketing plan to enable an on-going two-way dialogue with the greater community and stakeholder throughout the proposal, including delivering multiple co-design workshops.
  • A draft model for the multi-partner governance, with agreement on roles and responsibilities.
  • An on-going engagement model to support the program.
  • Baseline procurement documents so the program is in a near ready position.
  • Preliminary proposal for digital hubs and physical locations in the community.
  • Working with private partners to increase the reach of the resources and initiate pilots.

Our partners have continued to express in-kind support in the next phase, which we believe can be supplemented with private sector in-kind support.