Priority Projects

Anti-Racism Resource Centre

The Hamilton Anti-Racism Resource Centre (HARRC) was launched in April 2018 as a collaborative pilot project involving the City of Hamilton, McMaster University and the Hamilton Centre for Civic Inclusion.

HARRC arose from community need for a resource centre that addresses issues facing Hamilton residents experiencing racism and discrimination. The launch was informed by years of hardwork by the City’s Committee Against Racism (CAR) and other community advocates.

HARRC was paused in February 2019 to allow for more community engagement and stakeholders’ input to better define the centre’s mandate, activities and success factors.

Public Engagement

HARRC continues to be envisioned as an organization that provides advocacy, community resources, evidence-based research and strategic support to residents experiencing racism and discrimination within the community.

In 2019, various public engagement activities were conducted, with a staff recommendations report. In December 2019, City Council endorsed recommendations and directed staff to retain a consultant and re-establish HARRC with an independent Board of Directors. Council also directed that the re-establishment process must be informed by residents with lived-experiences, and by the lenses of equity, diversity and inclusion.

HARRC Engagement Event

Community Survey

The process to relaunch HARRC with an Independent Board of Directors has begun. A community survey has been developed seeking public input in understanding the key experiences that the HARRC consultant and the community advisory panel should have to successfully re-establish the centre and meet intended outcomes.

Public input from this survey will be used to inform the procurement process and other project success criteria.

The survey runs from June 16 to 30, 2020 and can be accessed here:

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