Priority Projects

Global Hamilton

The City of Hamilton welcomes new citizens and businesses to our community. A new Global Hamilton office promotes our city abroad and through local ethnic networks to attract entrepreneurial and skilled immigrants and to retain international students.

We know that:

  • Hamilton has many of the assets that immigrants look for where they live and work
  • Many Hamilton businesses already have global ties
  • There is interest in building the city’s reputation with a more global focus


How immigrants benefit Hamilton   

  • Increase productivity and improve the economy resulting from more workers, consumers, taxpayers and entrepreneurs
  • Improve global competitiveness through a multi-lingual, multicultural workforce with connections to global markets
  • Enrich our cultural life, including restaurants, festivals and products available
  • Replace our aging workforce and population

The Global Hamilton office focuses on the economic development of immigration and works with the Hamilton Immigration Partnership Council to create a welcoming community in our city.