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Hamilton Public Engagement

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Have Your Say in How You Shape City Decisions.
Take our short survey and help us shape the way we do public engagement at the City of Hamilton. Survey closes April 3, 2022. Print copies of the survey are also available at local Municipal Service Centres, City Recreation Centres and Hamilton Public Library locations.

Opportunities to get involved

Civic engagement is fundamental to a healthy democracy. As community partners, residents and stakeholders have a key role to play in realizing the City’s Vision to be the “best place to raise a child and age successfully”. Engagement opportunities with the City range from formal, informal to even creative. Consistent engagement and feedback from the public helps the City to shape its key policies, programs and processes that are integral to the City’s vision, strategic plan and other business operations.

Engage Hamilton

Public Consultation

A new and interactive online space to learn about important City initiatives, share feedback and engage with your community. 

Boards & Committees

We need your expertise on various boards and committees. You can also attend a Council Committee meeting to speak.

Volunteering & Employment

Volunteering or working for the City can be rewarding opportunities to give back to the community and support city building.

Our Future Hamilton

Learn about the largest civic engagement done in Hamilton, which engaged with nearly 55,000 residents and stakeholders to create a new 25-year Community Vision.

Current City Priorities

Review the City’s key planning, economic, environmental and social initiatives that are informing and shaping the Hamilton renaissance.


Recognizing residents for making Hamilton a great city is important. Residents can nominate or be nominated for various awards.

Mayor & Council

Hamilton has a Mayor and 15 Ward Councillors. Learn more about our elected leaders, their ward boundaries and other related information.

City Administration

The City Manager and four General Managers oversee the five administrative departments within the City of Hamilton.  

Community Initiatives Section
Strategic Partnerships & Communications Division

City Manager’s Office
71 Main Street West (2nd floor)
Hamilton, Ontario L8P 4Y5

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 905-546-2424 ext.1564