Priority Projects

Infrastructure Benefits and Savings with LRT

The Hamilton LRT project includes significant investment in City infrastructure. Along the 14 kilometre route, a majority of existing municipal infrastructure and private utilities will be replaced. These include, but are not limited to, roads, sidewalks, bridges, watermains, sewers, electrical distribution (hydro), telecommunications, natural gas, traffic control signals and street lights. Sidewalks will be upgraded to current accessibility standards (AODA) complete with urban braille and traffic signals will be upgraded with new technology to connect with the City’s Advanced Traffic Management System. As a result of this renewal, the lifecycle clock of these assets will be reset to ‘0’, which allows the City to reprioritize and redistribute future infrastructure spending. Also, by combining sewers, merging watermains and reducing traffic lanes, fewer assets will have to be maintained/replaced once LRT is in operation. The renewal of this infrastructure is included as part of the Province's funding commitment ($1 billion) and will provide millions of dollars in overall net benefit to the City.

LRT infrastructure benefits info graphic

Specific Projects:

  • Replacement of the Longwood Road Bridge across Highway 403. The new, widened bridge will have sidewalks on both sides and a bidirectional, fully protected cycle track.
  • Replacement of the bridge deck on Queenston Road across the Red Hill Valley Parkway.
  • Reconstruction and extension of Frid Street between Longwood Road and Chatham Street, including all required sewers, watermains, sidewalks, bike lanes and street lighting.

LRT Longwood road bridge proposed graphic