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Key Project - Pier 8 Block 16

Pier 8 Block 16 Development Applications for 45-Storey Residential Building Design
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The proposed Official Plan Amendment and Zoning By-law Amendment planning applications for a 45-Storey residential building at 65 Guise Street (Pier 8, Block 16) are subject to an enhanced community engagement and design review process. 

Upcoming meetings

List of upcoming meetings and related information as part of this process. Registration is required for all upcoming meetings.

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Statutory Public Meeting (Planning Committee)
Date TBA

Consider Official Plan Amendment and Zoning By-law Amendment Applications for 65 Guise Street.


Past meetings

Meeting Purpose Materials
Design Review Panel (DRP)* Meeting #2
Held April 27, 2022
Waterfront Shores Partners will present the proposed tower design to the Design Review Panel. The Panel will review and comment on the proposed design option.
Design Review Panel (DRP)* Meeting #1
Held March 10, 2022
Waterfront Shores Partners will present 3 tower design options to the Design Review Panel. The Panel will review and comment on these options.

Community Meeting (Webinar)
Held March 8, 2022

Waterfront Shores Partners will present 3 tower design concepts and seek community feedback.

Statutory Public Meeting (Planning Committee)
February 15, 2022

Consider Official Plan Amendment and Zoning By-law Amendment Applications for 65 Guise Street.

*The Design Review Panel provides urban design advice to Planning Division staff and Waterfront Shores Partners on three tower design options for Block 16 on Pier 8. The design advice provided will be used by Waterfront Shores Partners to develop the final tower design option that will accompany the official plan and zoning by-law amendments. The DRP is a requirement of the implementation process that was developed as part of the Pier 8 Block 16 Urban Design Guidelines that were approved by  Council in September 2021. DRP members include: Jennifer Mallard (Chair), Ted Watson, Calvin Brook, Eldon Theodore, David Clusiau, Tony Cupido, Petra Matar, Richard Witt, Paula Hamilton.


What's happening at Pier 8 - Block 16

The City of Hamilton’s Municipal Land Development Office (MLDO) has initiated Official Plan and Zoning By-law amendment applications on lands identified as Pier 8 – Block 16 located at 65 Guise Street. Through these applications, the City is revisiting a small portion (0.35 ha) of the broader Pier 8 development site that were comprehensively plannned for redevelopment in 2017 as a mixed use neighbourhood. 

These development applications, submitted under the Planning Act, propose a tall building consisting of approximately 429 residential units, contributing to the range of affordable housing and residential family-units. The overall number of units approved on Pier 8 is 1645 units. Notwithstanding the proposed increase in height on Block 16, there is no increase to the overall number of proposed units on Pier 8.

Site of Proposed Development Applications for 45-Story Building at Pier 8 - Block 16

The proposed tall building is intended to achieve landmark status serving as a visual anchor within the waterfront that is emblematic of the revitalization of the Hamilton Harbour. The proposed building is organized around two cylindrical forms, conjoined below the 31st floor and with a singular cylindrical form rising to 45 storeys.

Development of Block 16 is part of the redevelopment plan of Pier 8 and the larger West Harbour area. Over the next several years, Hamilton’s waterfront will be transformed into a vibrant, mixed-use, pedestrian-friendly and transit-supportive destination. Development on Block 16 is a key part of that transformation.

What do these applications mean?

These applications propose to:

  • change the Institutional land use designation to permit residential and mixed uses
  • establish a special policy permitting a maximum height of 45 storeys along with other policies and regulations to guide the form and development of the tall building
  • include affordable housing and family-unit housing options

Review technical materials

Reports and studies related to the development applications:

  1. Planning Justification Report (Webb Planning Consultants) (PDF, 4 MB)
  2. Urban Design Brief (WND Associates) (PDF, 14 MB)
  3. Architectural Report (KPMB Architects) (PDF, 7 MB)
  4. Pedestrian Wind Assessment (RWDI) (PDF, 5 MB)
  5. Noise Feasibility Study (GHD Limited) (PDF, 24 MB)
  6. Certificate of Property Use (PDF, 2 MB)
  7. OPA/ZBA Application Form (PDF, 10 MB)
  8. Draft M-Plan (PDF, 329 KB)


Why did the City initiate these applications?

Block 16 lands were included in a Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT) hearing (PDF, KB) which resulted in minutes of settlement. The settlement included direction for the City to bring forward applications for Council’s consideration to amend the Official Plan and Zoning for Block 16.

There are provisions in the settlement that encourage additional family units (2 bedroom or more) within the development and for a proportionate increase of family units relative to the proposed height. These settlement terms support achieving a range of residential unit types within Block 16 and/or remaining development block on Pier 8.

About the developer

The lands are currently owned by the City of Hamilton but will ultimately be transferred to the developer, Waterfront Shores Corporation (WSC), pursuant to an Agreement of Purchase and Sale.

This developer and agreement are the outcome of the Pier 8 development Request for Proposal (RFP) process which concluded in 2018 when City Council approved the development concept and selected WSC as the Preferred Proponent.



August 2021:  Pier 8 Block 16 Urban Design Guidelines approved by Council. 
Fall 2021: City processes applications. Staff will use the Urban Design guidelines to evaluate the applications.
Winter 2022: Applications goes to Council for consideration (Statutory Public Meeting)
Winter/Spring 2022: Public Information Centre (PIC), Proposal reviewed by Design Review Panel
Late Summer 2022: Final proposal goes to Council for consideration (Statutory Public Meeting)

Pier 8 - Block 16 Timeline outlining we are at the start of Phase 2 - Application Submission and Notice of Complete Application


How can I stay involved?

To participate in the planning process, provide comments or submit questions about the OPA/ZBA application (Files: ZAC-22-003/UHOPA-22-001 - 65 Guise St - Pier 8), contact:
Mark Kehler
Senior Planner
City of Hamilton
Phone: 905-546-2424 ext. 4148  
Email: [email protected]

Dec 1, 2021: Notice for Completion Applications & Map (PDF, 723 KB)

Contact the Municipal Land Development Office (MLDO):
Phone:  905-546-2424 ext. 2085
Email: [email protected]

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