Priority Projects

Our Future Hamilton - How we got here

A collection participating in community engagement for Our Future Hamilton

We started with a simple question

Between April 2015 and April 2016, we asked residents and community stakeholders: “What is your vision for the future of Hamilton?” Nearly 55,000 people shared their priorities, hopes and dreams to help create Our Future Hamilton - the city’s new 25-year community vision.

The community vision is organized in six community priorities with:

  • 88 key directions
  • 57 signs of success.

In 2016, the City of Hamilton adopted the six community vision priorities into the new 10 year Strategic Plan.

Our Future Hamilton Community Vision replaces Vision 2020, Hamilton’s first community vision developed in 1992. Vision 2020 helped our community make significant progress in the areas of arts and heritage, reducing and managing waste, improving air quality, improving water quality and protecting natural areas.

The new Community Vision builds on the legacy of Vision 2020, making it clear that residents, organizations and various community stakeholders have an important role to play in shaping the future of our city.

Public engagement

Hamilton's Engagement Committee was formed to work with the City to improve that way the City engages with residents.

The Committee was made up of 65 people across the city, different ages, backgrounds, etc. working together to create a charter on how to improve the way that we talk to residents, plus advise on different ways to improve the engagement.

Learn more about the Public Engagement Charter

Our Future Hamilton phases

Gathering ideas from residents and the community at large about their vision for the future of Hamilton through broad and inclusive engagement approaches.

Key engagement activities included:

  • Citywide community events
  • Farmers market
  • Shopping malls
  • City bus experience tour
  • Community online survey
  • Focus groups
  • Community presentations
  • Community information displays
  • Social media campaign
  • June 15, 2015 community visioning workshop
  • Other engagement opportunities

Creating opportunities to learn from best practices, educate the public about key trends and sharing what we’ve heard to date with residents.

Key engagement activities included:

  • Op-eds in Hamilton Spec
  • September 18, 2015 keynote speaker event (Chris Hadfield)
  • September 19, 2015 Speaker Series
  • 15 Community Open Houses
  • Online survey

General Issues Committee

In September, 2015 the City provided an update on plans to create a new community vision for the City of Hamilton. Our Future Hamilton: Communities in Conversation was a broad engagement initiative informed by Hamilton’s Engagement Committee, a committee made up of members of the public. View the GIC presentation

Providing opportunities for residents to review draft and final reports. Develop a shared community implementation strategy involving residents, community partners and key stakeholders.

Key engagement activities included: 

  • Community review of the draft community vision (January 2016)
  • Community Vision (February 2016)
  • Community Conversations about the Vision and Action Plan (January to April 2016)
  • Community Action Plan Workshop (April 2016)
  • Final Community Visioning Report

General Issues Committee

Our Future Hamilton Presentation February 17, 2016