Priority Projects


Hamilton Executive Directors' Aboriginal Coalition (HEDAC)
Hamilton Executive Directors’ Aboriginal Coalition

Leaders in the Indigenous community who will guide program development.


Hamilton Public Library

Recognized leader in the delivery of digital programming, positioned to lead the digital hub implementation.

Ontario Telemedicine Network
Ontario Telemedicine Network

Independent, not-for-profit funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-term Care manages one of the most comprehensive telemedicine networks in the world. Using advanced technologies, OTN supports the delivery of clinical care and virtual education across Ontario.

OTN’s partnership provides the availability of a comprehensive suite of digital tools for residents and health care providers. OTN is well positioned to assist with health and wellness objectives. OTN is interested in focusing their collective services in a geographic area and providing the digital tools to evaluate the health status of citizens over time.

Hamilton Health Sciences
Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS)

One of Canada’s leading hospital systems and a recognized leader in research and innovation. Their role would be multi-purpose: clinical, technical and educational. HHS has agreed to participate in every aspect of this proposal:

Clinical participation
Leveraging their in-house technology delivery team they are prepared to participate in technology acquisition, delivery and implementation
Expanding their existing innovate partnership with IBM Canada, which currently includes a joint collaboration space and the use of IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence (AI) as examples.

IBM Canada

Acknowledging, IBM has formal partnerships with two major institutions where they are leveraging proven technology for innovation today, we will look to leverage IBM's global leadership and knowledge in the Smarter Cities initiative along with understanding as it relates to artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, natural language processing, big data, analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.

Mohawk College

One of the top colleges in Canada for applied research, with a long and successful track record of collaborating with industry leaders. They are positioned to provide support across the themes.

St. Joseph’s Healthcare

Premier academic and research healthcare organization – participating in the clinical and research components of the proposal.

McMaster University
McMaster University

One of the top 100 Universities in the world, McMaster has committed the full weight of its innovative research and program delivery capabilities across the various themes i.e. SmartHome Team, LIVELab, McMaster Children and Youth University.

McMaster Children & Youth University

McMaster University Institute for Research on Aging

Has the infrastructure/capacity to identify required data that will enable the implementation of specific ICT initiatives. They are also positioned to collaborate on implementing the required tools for extracting data, harmonization, integration and analytics. And to partner in the longer term solution that requires  data collection and processing, which will allow the teams to “make sense” of the big data generated.

Undetermined partners
Partnerships will be subject to governance and procurement requirements as appropriate. This will be determined upon in the final proposal stage, including identifying, evaluating and leveraging additional private sector investment opportunities.