Priority Projects

Rapid Ready & 2011 Environmental Project Report

On February 27, 2013 Hamilton City Council unanimously approved Rapid Ready, a multi-modal transportation framework for the next five years, including a strategy to develop a rapid ready City and investment requirements.

Part of this resolution also authorized staff to submit the B-Line Light Rail Transit (LRT) documents to Metrolinx for a funding decision. 

The Hamilton Rapid Transit Preliminary Design and Feasibility Study

The City of Hamilton initiated a Rapid Transit Feasibility Study (RTFS) in November 2007 to review the constraints and opportunities for the development of either a BRT or LRT higher order transit system, along the A-Line and B-Line corridors.

Book 1: B-Line - Environmental Project Report

An environmental assessment and preliminary design for the introduction of LRT in its primary east/west transit service corridor, the B-Line, as part of the broader Rapid Transit initiative “B-L-A-S-T”. 

Books 2 & 3: B-Line - Environmental Project Report Appendix B

Book 4: B-Line - Construction, Design, Traffic Plans & Reports

Plans and reports outlining the construction and design details to create the LRT B-Line which consists of 13.9 km of dual track, 16 on-street stops and two terminal stops.

Book 5: B-Line

Design of the Maintenance and Storage Facility and associated spur line, connected to the B-Line LRT Corridor.

Book 6: A and B-Line - Design Guides

Combines wider land use, urban design and public realm principles with the detail of the LRT system components, resulting in a “complete street” design guide. The Transit System Operations Plan stands alongside the design process.

Book 7: A-Line - Preliminary Studies 

Preliminary studies to help understand the potential impacts that are likely to result from implementing rapid transit on the A-Line.

Book 8: A-Line - Initial Feasibility & Opportunities Report

Review of existing conditions along the A-Line Corridor and assesses both land use and transportation opportunities and challenges related to rapid transit, transit-oriented development and neighbourhood and corridor improvements.

Book 9: A-Line - Preliminary Studies

Preliminary studies to help understand the potential impacts that are likely to result from implementing rapid transit on the A-Line.