Priority Projects

Supporting Community Goals

Given a major component of our consultation included reviewing previous consultations and key strategies, the Challenge Statement and projects are anchored in delivering in-line with objectives of the below documented strategies:

Specifically, we reviewed the intended outcomes of the above strategies and mapped where the projects to address the Challenge Statement would move us towards objectives by using smart technology. There is significant synergy between our medium and long-term goals, the objectives of these strategies and the intended outcomes of the projects supporting achieving the Challenge Statement as outlined in the previous sections.


Easy access to services


Better health outcomes


Increasing resiliency of youth & at-risk populations 

Connecting Urban Indigenous people & services


The Urban Indigenous Strategy is supported by aspects of the four areas.

Hamilton’s most significant public engagement was a year-long exercise that engaged over 55,000+ residents to develop a 25-year vision for the community, with six priorities, 81 key directions and 57 signs of success.  Four priorities directly aligned to this work and were impacted in the medium and long-term. Our Future Hamilton strategic priorities:

1. Community Engagement and Participation

An open, transparent and accessible approach to City government that engages with and empowers all citizens to be involved in their community.

This priority includes:

  • openness and access to information
  • provide easy access to information about government service
  • governments and community institutions embrace a culture of openness and transparency

This is a key outcome of Project #1. Dramatically improving ease of access to information and services. Openness and transparency is a core requirement.

2. Economic Prosperity and Growth

A prosperous and diverse local economy where people have opportunities to grow and develop.

  • Develop and use technology to increase access to education for all ages
  • Reliance on social assistance programs has decreased
  • Poverty rates are low
  • Identify and remove employment barriers and provide opportunities for all

The projects described, particularly #3.


3. Healthy and Safe Communities

A safe and supportive city where people are active, healthy, and have a high quality of life.

  • Integrate the healthcare system to make it easier for people to navigate
  • Improve the health of Hamiltonians by actively working to address the social determinants of health
  • Encourage home and health care facilities for the aging

All projects directly support this.

4. Culture and Diversity

A thriving, vibrant place for arts, culture, and heritage where diversity and inclusivity are embraced and celebrated.

  • Recognize and celebrate Indigenous traditions
  • Provide activities and gathering spaces to help seniors maintain active and productive lifestyles
  • Provide opportunities and supports for all children and youth to achieve their goals and aspirations
  • Provide services and supports for people living with disabilities to live active lives

Project #2, 3, 4 are aligned with this priority.