Theme 1: Community Engagement & Participation

Man and woman standing at a vision board full of Post-It notes

Community vision

Our Future Hamilton is a collaborative place where...

  • People work together and make a positive impact on the community.
  • Citizens are consulted and involved in making the decisions that impact them.
  • A passion and sense of pride for the city exists among residents, driving volunteerism and community-based initiatives.

Key directions

Community participation & engagement

  • Work to remove barriers that prevent and discourage women and visible minorities from becoming community leaders.
  • Ensure that all people have the ability and opportunity to add their voice to community conversations about issues that affect them.
  • Support community-based initiatives, volunteerism and grassroots movements.
  • Involve youth in decision-making and community development.
  • Support and promote experiential learning, civic engagement, work experience and volunteer programs for postsecondary students.

Openness & access to information

  • Provide easy access to information about government operations and services.
  • Increase access to information about the programs offered by key community institutions and organizations.
  • Increase participation in City decision-making and promote the importance of inclusive community engagement.

Community pride

  • Celebrate Hamilton’s history, people and achievements.
  • Foster pride among Hamiltonians for their city and identity.

Signs of success

  • People are well-informed about important government and community decisions,
  • People participate in community and civic initiatives,
  • More Hamilton residents are voting in elections,
  • Leaders reflect the diversity of the community,
  • People volunteer for local organizations and causes,
  • Young people are actively involved in their community,
  • Governments and community institutions embrace a culture of openness and transparency,
  • Engagement with residents is informed by Hamilton's Public Engagement Charter (PDF, 3.63 MB).