Theme 2: Economic Prosperity & Growth

Agricultural workers in a field with a tractor

Community vision

Our Future Hamilton is an ambitious place where...

  • People successfully provide for themselves and their families and have opportunities to grow and develop.
  • Residents can work in the city in one of the increasing number of quality, well-paying local jobs.
  • A prosperous and diverse local and regional economy benefits all residents.

Key directions

Strong local economy

Farming & agriculture

  • Support and promote local farming.
  • Protect agricultural land.
  • Sustain food production, processing and distribution systems that contribute to economic development.

Employment opportunities

  • Inspire diverse employment opportunities in Hamilton so people can work locally rather than commute to a job in another city.
  • Identify and remove employment barriers and provide opportunities for all.
  • Ensure childcare is available for parents and guardians so they can participate in the work force.

Employment & skills development

  • Provide education, training and skill development programs that help people reach their goals and find rewarding careers.
  • Advance and promote the role of educational institutions as key contributors to innovation, entrepreneurship and community development.
  • Develop and use technology to increase access to education for all ages.
  • Nurture ambitious career and life aspirations in people from a young age.
  • Ensure that young people receive education that prepares them for good jobs.
  • Ensure that all children have access to learning that leads to success at school and in life.

Signs of success

  • Poverty rates are low,
  • High school graduation rates are at or above the provincial average,
  • The unemployment rate for young people is decreasing,
  • Technology is used to advance access to education,
  • Children are thriving in school and at home,
  • Governments and community institutions collaborate to end poverty,
  • Residents are able to work locally,
  • People are earning a living wage,
  • Affordable childcare is available for everyone who needs it,
  • More people are working in secure jobs,
  • Local businesses are thriving,
  • Hamilton is less reliant on the residential tax base to find municipal services,
  • Farmers are successful.