Theme 3: Healthy & Safe Communities

People doing yoga outside of City Hall

Community vision

Our Future Hamilton is a caring place where...

  • People lead happy lives in safe neighbourhoods and friendly communities.
  • We all have access to the services and supports we need to be healthy and active.
  • Our city is safe and inviting, and people continue to work together to take care of and support each other.

Key directions

Healthy lifestyles

Healthcare services

  • Integrate the healthcare system to make it easy for people to navigate.
  • Provide advocacy, support and treatment for people experiencing mental health challenges and addictions.
  • Facilitate access for people to healthcare services in a timely manner.

Safe caring communities

  • Encourage police and community members to work together to keep neighbourhoods safe and inviting.
  • Foster a respectful, caring culture among people for their community so that people take care of their own, and each other’s property. 
  • Respect and support people on social assistance.


  • Provide sufficient, affordable and good quality social housing.
  • Support development that provides affordable housing options for people of all income levels and needs across all neighbourhoods.
  • Advocate for safe, clean and affordable places for renters to live.
  • Encourage communities to support home and healthcare facilities for the aging.

Signs of success

  • People eat healthy food,
  • People lead active lifestyles,
  • Less crime, people feel safe in their homes, streets and neighbourhoods,
  • People have timely access to healthcare services,
  • Supports are available for people with mental health issues and addictions,
  • Fewer people use tobacco products,
  • Homelessness has been eliminated or substantially reduced in Hamilton.
  • Reliance on social assistance programs has decreased.
  • Those who rely on social assistance do not live in poverty.
  • Social housing wait lists are short.
  • Housing is affordable and there is a variety of housing options.