Theme 4: Clean & Green

City workers planting gardens outside City Hall

Community vision

Our Future Hamilton is an environmentally sustainable place where...

  • A flourishing natural environment enriches the quality of life for community members.
  • Organizations take a leadership role and operate in a sustainable manner.
  • Everyone has a deep understanding and respect for the natural environment and its important contribution to our lives.

Key directions

Natural features

  • Foster pride in and protect Hamilton’s unique natural environment including its waterfronts, waterfalls, escarpment and other natural areas.
  • Enhance and maintain trails so people can enjoy Hamilton’s greenspaces and natural amenities.
  • Protect wildlife and plant habitats.

Leadership & awareness

  • Integrate environmental education and stewardship across the city to instill a respect for the environment.
  • Encourage governments, institutions, schools and businesses to demonstrate leadership by operating with, and promoting, environmentally sustainable practices.
  • Recognize indigenous knowledge and values in respecting the natural environment.

Environmental impact

  • Consider the environment in decisions about growth and development.
  • Re-purpose past industrial or commercial locations (brownfields) as a preferred alternative to using undeveloped or rural spaces (greenfields).
  • Reduce and eliminate pollution so that everyone has clean air, water and land.
  • Reduce harmful health, environmental and economic impacts of waste - reduce, reuse, and recycle.
  • Use clean energy to protect our air quality and reduce our contributions to global climate change.
  • Improve public transportation and active transportation options to reduce our impact on the environment.
  • Improve buildings and operations to reduce energy use.
  • Maintain clean streets and public areas where people do not litter.

Signs of success