Theme 5: Built Environment & Infrastructure

City worker fixing a water main break

Community vision

Our Future Hamilton is a people friendly place where...

  • The quality of life, well-being and enjoyment of its residents influences design and planning
  • It is easy to get around our city and Hamilton’s transportation systems are well-connected regionally. 
  • Hamilton is connected to its rich history through architecture.
  • Public spaces are well maintained and vibrant, with greenspace and attractions for residents and visitors.
  • Neighbourhoods have a variety of homes and amenities.

Key directions

Transportation network

  • Develop complete streets that meet the needs of pedestrians, cyclists, transit users, motorists and movement of goods.
  • Create a well-connected transportation network that allows people to get around conveniently without a car.
  • Ensure strong transit connections to postsecondary institutions and other significant locations to support accessibility for member of our community and enable growth.

Modern infrastructure

  • Build and adapt public infrastructure and buildings to withstand extreme weather events.
  • Construct and renovate buildings to meet environmental standards.

Building & development

  • Design and modify streets and buildings that are safe and accessible for people of all physical abilities and ages.
  • Preserve and re-purpose heritage buildings.
  • Consider the impact of urban sprawl in planning decisions.
  • Develop mixed-use neighbourhoods where it is easy to walk to everyday destinations.
  • Develop neighbourhoods that have a variety of housing options.
  • Identify opportunities to expand the presence and impact of postsecondary institutions in ways that serve and support our community.

Public spaces

  • Provide well-maintained public spaces that serve as places for community activity.
  • Collectively care for shared spaces.
  • Build a vibrant waterfront with greenspace and attractions for locals and visitors to enjoy.
  • Build and maintain parks, trails and beaches for all residents to enjoy.

Signs of success

  • We drive less and walk, bike or use public transportation,
  • Heritage buildings are re-purposed,
  • The intensity of urban land use has increased,
  • Public spaces are beautiful and well used,
  • Infrastructure is maintained,
  • Hamilton has more greenspaces including parks, trails and beaches,
  • Greenspaces and public parks are close to home.