Waterfront Redevelopment

The City of Hamilton’s waterfront redevelopment positions the community to meet the cultural and recreational needs of a growing city. Over the last three decades, investments are helping to transform this area into a genuine public space for people to live, work, and play.

West Harbour has come a long way!

The West Harbour remains one of the City's strategic priorities. It enhances the city by providing:

  • clean sustainable parks, recreational spaces, trails and amenities
  • opportunities for investment

With the development of Bayfront Park in the early 1990s, people were able to access the water's edge for the first time. It would later extend east to Pier 4 Park and in 2000, the West Harbour Millennium Trail was established.

Today the City is looking to draw private-sector investment. Opportunities include mixed-use residential and commercial developments to increase the use of the area for both residents and businesses. Not many other Canadian cities offer this type of waterfront investment.

Vision for the Waterfront including plans, public space and major projects

Investment in the Waterfront including infrastructure, planning and development

Community engagement for the Waterfront including meetings and presentations

What's next

The next five years will see great change along the waterfront.

West Harbour will turn into a vibrant, mixed-use, transit-supportive and pedestrian-friendly place. Our plans include:

  • developing cultural, commercial and recreational uses
  • providing a greater range of attractions year-round
  • bringing economic opportunity through new construction, employment, tourism and cultural and commercial development

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