Strategies & Actions

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Neighbourhood Action Strategy

The City of Hamilton’s Neighbourhood Action Strategy is focused on helping neighbourhoods be great places to live, work, play and learn. The City is working with community partners, neighbourhood groups and residents to develop action plans to build healthier communities.

Open & Accessible Data

The City of Hamilton is dedicated to making GIS data available to the public to allow them to:

  • make the best possible decisions
  • understand the City's business
  • engage in the democratic process to the fullest extent possible
Age Friendly Hamilton

Age Friendly Hamilton will help us to identify and address the needs and priorities related to older adults.

Xperience Annex

Connecting Hamilton's youth with high-quality education and employment services.

Public Engagement Charter

The Public Engagement Charter outlines the key elements to involve residents in decisions made at the City of Hamilton.

Supervised Injection Site Needs Assessment & Feasibility Study

The Supervised Injection Site (SIS) Needs Assessment and Feasibility Study is being conducted to determine whether or not supervised injection sites would be a harm reduction solution for Hamilton.