Strategies & Actions

Strategies & Actions

Service at a Glance

Neighbourhood Development

The City of Hamilton’s Neighbourhood Development  is focused on helping neighbourhoods be great places to live, work, play and learn. The City is working with community partners, neighbourhood groups and residents to develop action plans to build healthier communities.

Open Data Program

The City is moving towards being a more open, transparent and accessible government.

The goals of the Open Data Program are to:

  • Enable the community to have access to City data easily and transparently
  • Deliver open data that is meaningful and of high quality
  • Build a sustainable Open Data Program
Age Friendly Hamilton

Age Friendly Hamilton will help us to identify and address the needs and priorities related to older adults.

Residential, Rural, Farm and Business Broadband Surveys

The City is working with the Regional and Rural Broadband (R2B2) Project at the University of Guelph to study the economic benefits of broadband investment across our communities. We are collecting information about how all residents, rural, home-based business, farms, and businesses currently use the internet.

Xperience Annex

Connecting Hamilton's youth with high-quality education and employment services.