Strategies & Actions

Asset Management Plan

The City of Hamilton owns and operates over $20 billion (replacement value as of 2016) in core public works infrastructure which services the needs of residents, local businesses and visitors to the City. These water, wastewater, stormwater, road and bridge assets contribute to community health, welfare and satisfaction, and long-term prosperity and growth.

In compliance with Ontario Regulation 588/17: Asset Management Planning for Municipal Infrastructure, under the Infrastructure for Jobs & Prosperity Act, the City periodically updates the corporate Strategic Asset Management Policy, Asset Management Plan (AMP), and the related State of the Infrastructure Report. Upon completion of the AMP document, and for subsequent required updates thereafter, the City will have identified for each asset category:

  • Current levels of service being provided using technical metrics and data
  • Current asset performance
  • Asset specific attributes and condition based on recognized and generally accepted good engineering practices where appropriate
  • Lifecycle activities and associate costs needed to maintain current levels of service
  • Proposed future levels of service and asset performance
  • Lifecycle management plan and financial strategy

2019 Strategic Asset Management Policy (4.1 MB PDF)
The Strategic Asset Management Policy affirms the City’s approach to infrastructure asset management through clearly defined commitments and principles for decision making, and aims to align and integrate asset management into strategic planning processes, as prescribed by legislation.

2014 Public Works Asset Management Plan (1.8 MB PDF)
The 2014 Public Works Asset Management Plan (AMP) coincided with an update of the City’s State of the Infrastructure (SOTI) Report. Updated versions of the AMP will be completed as per O.Reg. 588/17 and available to the public upon approval.

State of the Infrastructure (SOTI) Report

The infrastructure “report card” on Public Works assets is part of an on-going improvement process for the management of the City of Hamilton’s public works infrastructure. It reviews the current state and condition of City infrastructure assets essential for the delivery of public services to citizens. *Ratings are from 2016

Asset Class Value (Millions) Rating Trend
Water $3,222 C Stable trend
Wastewater $5,393 C+ Decreasing trend
Stormwater $1,458 C+ Decreasing trend
Roads and Bridges $6,034 C Decreasing trend
TOTAL $16,107 C Decreasing trend

The report’s objectives are to measure and report the effectiveness of the City’s management practices as they impact:

  • The physical condition of the infrastructure
  • The capacity of the infrastructure to service peak demands
  • The availability of funding to address infrastructure investment needs
  • Projections of the state of these assets in 2020 and 2050 should the status quo be maintained

SOTI Report Downloads

Asset Management Section (Engineering Services, Public Works)

Since the late 1990’s, the City of Hamilton has been a pioneer in the use of asset management practices. The asset management section is responsible for city-wide condition assessments of road, bridge, water, wastewater and stormwater assets. These assessments enable them to forecast and schedule the most cost-effective repair, rehabilitation and replacement activities.

To protect the city’s infrastructure investments, they plan and develop an integrated three to five year detailed budget and 10 year projected long range capital budget. This is done by monitoring:

  • Current levels of service
  • Life cycle trends
  • Deterioration models
  • Risk models
  • Financial strategies
  • Relevant corporate strategies
  • Optimization of technological applications, both physical and digital