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Biodiversity Action Plan

What is biodiversity? The word ‘Biodiversity’ means the variety of life on earth. It refers to the diversity of all species within an ecosystem and the ways they interact with each other and their environment. Biodiversity is about the connection between all species, and how they depend on each other to survive. Ecosystems that have a high level of biodiversity are more resistant to long and short-term threats and are generally healthier and more resilient.

Did you know that Hamilton is a biodiversity ‘hotspot’? Hamilton’s geography is made up of regionally unique natural areas such as mature Carolinian Forest, the Niagara Escarpment, Dundas Valley, the Cootes Paradise wetland, and Lake Ontario. The rural landscape of Hamilton also includes extensive swamps, watercourses, and unique woodlands, among many other natural features.

About Hamilton’s Biodiversity Action Plan

At the local and global scale, biodiversity is in a state of decline. To protect and rehabilitate Hamilton’s unique biodiversity assets, a coordinated approach between the City of Hamilton and local community environmental partners has been adopted by the City of Hamilton. The Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) will assist in ensuring that the City and the local conservation community partner organizations work together to enact change. Through these collaborations, actions will be taken for protecting, enhancing, and restoring biodiversity in Hamilton.

Project Partnership

To affect long-term, city-wide improvements to biodiversity, the partners developing the biodiversity action plan come from a variety of organizations. Just like an ecosystem, the diversity of partners helping to write and implement the Biodiversity Action Plan will help make it more resilient. The Hamilton Naturalist Club has taken the lead and has hired a Biodiversity Action Plan coordinator, who is helping to lead the project.

The BAP Working Group Partners include:

  • Public engagement tentatively scheduled for Spring 2022 (virtual engagement)
    • Stay tuned for a Biodiversity Action Plan page on Engage Hamilton!
  • Future public engagement activities will be posted here when they are scheduled

Jessica Rose
BAP Project Coordinator

Hamilton Naturalists’ Club
Email: [email protected]

Lauren Vraets
Policy Planner

Planning and Economic Development Department
City Hall, 4th Floor
Phone: 905-546-2424 Ext. 2364
Email: [email protected]

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