Food Literacy Month

What is Food Literacy You Ask?

Food literacy includes a broad scope of knowledge, skills, and attitudes about food. Food literacy includes understanding where food comes from; the impacts of food on health, the environment, and the economy; and how to grow, prepare, and prefer healthy and nutritious food.

Food Literacy Month is being organized as part of Hamilton’s Food Strategy, with the goal of increasing food literacy to promote healthy eating and empower all residents.

Food Literacy Month Logo

Do you have a food-themed event taking place October 1 to 31, 2018 that meets the Food Literacy Month Event Criteria?

Join our list of Food Literacy Month event partners and draw attention to your event or organization!

As a Food Literacy Month Event Partner you will be included in the Hamilton Food Literacy Month 2018 marketing campaign consisting of:

  • targeted advertising
  • City of Hamilton website listings
  • social media promotion
  • media coverage

Food Literacy Month Event Criteria

To be included in the Food Literacy Month program of events, your event should meet most of the following criteria:

  • Promote Food Literacy Month themes of building
    • Food & nutrition knowledge
    • Food & cooking skills
    • Confidence to make healthy food choices
    • Positive attitudes toward food and eating
    • Awareness of how our decisions about food are impacted by the food system, and how the food system influences our decisions
  • Celebrate or explore food by highlighting one or more parts the food system: growing food, processing & distributing food, buying & selling food, eating/consumption, and/or food waste 
  • Celebrate food as central to both culture and community

Events are encouraged to:

  • Be free or reasonably priced
  • Be accessible / welcoming to all
  • Appeal to children / families
  • Engage the broader community
  • Contribute to building food friendly neighbourhoods and empowering eaters and communities

Insurance & Permissions

For events held on City property, a Special Events Advisory Team (S.E.A.T.) application for permission to host your event on outdoor City property may be required. Organizers must have third-party liability insurance naming the City of Hamilton as ‘additional’ insured. For more information visit or phone 905-546-4646 or email

If events are held on private property, organizers should make arrangements to have adequate liability insurance in place.

Serving Food at Your Event

For events serving food to the public, complete the Special Event Organizer application form (PDF, 85 KB) and Vendor application form. (PDF, 76 KB) Once reviewed, Public Health Inspectors can provide advice or additional requirements if needed.

The special event requirements information booklet and applications can be found at

For more food safety information contact Public Health Services at 905-546-2489 ext. 2551 or email