Food Literacy Month

One of the goals for Hamilton’s Food Strategy is to increase food literacy to promote healthy eating and empower all Hamiltonians. To help reach this goal, the Hamilton Food Literacy Network launched the first annual Hamilton Food Literacy Month in October 2018.

Food Literacy Month Logo

Hamilton Food Literacy Network

The Hamilton Food Literacy Network is a coalition of Hamilton partners who are involved in food literacy actions – from growing food, preparing food, to providing food and nutrition education programs. The Network is open to anyone interested in capacity building, information sharing, and enhancing Hamiltonians’ ability to access community-based food literacy programs. The Network, along with Public Health Dietitians, host Hamilton Food Literacy Month to showcase food inspired events that encourage everyone to get out, connect with other people who are passionate about food, and explore our City.

Food Literacy

Food literacy includes interconnected attributes organized into five categories:

  • Food and Nutrition Knowledge about healthy eating, where food comes from, and understanding how nutrition can affect health
  • Food Skills to be able to prepare healthy and safe meals
  • Self-efficacy and Confidence to believe and apply knowledge and skills to prepare and choose healthy food choices
  • Ecological (external) factors, such as the food system, culture or socio-economic status that influence eating
  • Food Decisions that shape eating behaviour

For further information about Food Literacy Month or the Food Literacy Network, please contact Ruby Samra at