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Neighbourhood Development

Neighbourhood Development

(Formerly Neighbourhood Action Strategy)

Although we’ve evolved from the Neighbourhood Action Strategy, the Neighbourhood Development section is still focussed on helping neighbourhoods across the City be great places to live, work, play and learn. We believe that healthier, more connected communities contribute to the City’s vision of being the best place to raise a child and age successfully.

Neighbourhood Development is part of the Children’s Services and Neighbourhood Development Division of the Healthy and Safe Communities Department.

What we do:

Support residents city-wide. Our first and main priority is to support residents as they work towards making their neighbourhoods the best place to live, learn, work and play. Resident-championed initiatives encourage inclusivity, social connection and contribute to safe and healthy neighbourhoods.

Xperience Annex

With the support of a youth navigator, the Xperience Annex supports youth ages 18-29 to create pathways to community services and employment. The Xperience Annex is a partnership initiative between the City of Hamilton and community partners in education, healthcare and employment with funding from the Local Poverty Reduction Fund. View more information.

McQuesten Urban Farm

The urban farm was developed as a response to food insecurity in the McQuesten neighbourhood, empowering residents with access to fresh food, food security, job opportunities and skills to build healthy people and healthy minds. For more information, visit

Starting a new community garden

Community Gardens are a great form of recreation for people of all ages. You can use a community garden to grow your own fresh food. Learn more about how to start your own community garden.

Risk Management Toolkit for Community Events

The Risk Management Toolkit provides information to neighbourhood groups who are organizing events (i.e. BBQs, holiday festivals) on City-owned property. This toolkit explains the type of insurance required for various activities being held on City-owned property and things to consider in terms of volunteer liability. View the Risk Management Toolkit (PDF 4.8 MB)

Community Partners

Youth Engagement Strategy: With the input from youth voices, youth-serving agencies and partners, the City of Hamilton is creating a comprehensive youth engagement strategy. Starting with asking ourselves, “How do we best engage youth?” this strategy will focus on the successes and challenges youth in Hamilton face, identify partners, existing opportunities and potential partnerships that support youth 14 to 29 and provide opportunities to enhance services with better city support.

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Other things we are involved in:

Kirkendall Neighbourhood Strategy: Do you live or work in the Kirkendall Neighbourhood? If so, your input is needed to ensure a robust and comprehensive neighbourhood strategy that will identify assets, priorities, goals and objectives for maintaining and improving the Kirkendall neighbourhood. For more information and to ensure your voice is heard, please visit


The Neighbourhood Action Strategy (NAS), a partnership initiative of the City of Hamilton and the Hamilton Community Foundation, was established in 2010 to work with residents and local leaders to make neighbourhoods better and healthier places for all residents. In October of 2010, Hamilton City Council approved the earmarking of $2 million to support the Neighbourhood Action Strategy with an additional $1 million per year commitment by the Hamilton Community Foundation. Through partnerships with businesses, Provincial and Federal governments and non-profit organizations, the NAS aligned existing resources and supported additional relationships to help 11 identified neighbourhoods meet their goals. Through the creation of resident-led planning teams, action plans were created to help guide residents identify community priorities using an asset based community development approach.

The Neighbourhood Action Strategy utilizes the greatest resource in any neighbourhood - its residents - to intentionally focus dialogue around the positive things in the community. The strategy blends the foundations of asset-based community development with the land use planning process to develop resident-led, asset-based Neighbourhood Action Plans that build on the social capital and address the health inequities in the identified 11 Hamilton neighbourhoods.

Initial NAS Funding Partners
Hamilton Community Foundation
Hamilton Best Start

Emergency & Community Services Committee

General Issues Committee


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Neighbourhood Development (General Information):
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Al Fletcher, Manager, Neighbourhood Developement
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Staff Listing:
Bobbi Jo Beitz, Program Secretary
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Irene Heffernan, Senior Project Manager
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Rikki Frith, Project Manager
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Jocelyn Strutt, Project Manager
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Patrick Fusaro, Xperience Annex Navigator
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Jesse Williamson, Project Manager, Strategic Youth Initiatives
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Adam Watson, Project Manager, McQuesten Urban Farm
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Carmen Bian, Senior Policy Analyst
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