Strategies & Actions

Ward Profiles

Each ward profile provides an overview of the ward’s features, assets and various indicators of socio-demographic characteristics.

Specifically, the ward-level information includes:

  • Population
  • Family Structure
  • Education
  • Mobility Status
  • Ethnicity, Language, Immigrants and Visible Minorities
  • Labour Force Characteristics
  • Low Income Status
  • Dwellings
  • Land Use
  • Voter Turnout

2016 Ward Profiles

2011 Ward Profiles

2006 Ward Profiles

Data sources

The indicators included represent a compilation of the most recent data available from:

  • Statistics Canada’s 2011 Census
  • Statistics Canada’s 2011 National Household Survey or NHS
  • Hamilton’s Planning and Economic Development Department development applications, and building permits
  • Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation housing starts
  • Municipal Property Assessment Corporation or MPAC
  • Teranet
  • Hamilton’s Official Plan
  • Hamilton's Parks Committee

Where possible, data for different points in time and/or for the overall City of Hamilton is provided. Indicators are presented in tables and graphs which help draw comparisons over time and between different levels of geography.