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The City of Hamilton will be creating a 5 year Youth Strategy built on best practices and extensive engagement of youth age 14 to 29, youth serving agencies, city staff, and anchor institutions. Our first step of engagement is connecting with agencies to understand what is currently available to the youth. Become an official partner by completing our services directory questionnaire and help us to understand the level of service we offer youth.


Project Background

For the first time in Hamilton’s History, Young people are beginning to out- number other demographics. At 28% of the population, Millennials now outnumber Baby boomers in Hamilton. (Social Planning and Research Council, Vital Signs, 2016)

Young people play a crucial role in city building. As a city, it is our role to capture the voices of youth to keep the city moving forward with fresh ideas, and new perspectives.  While young people bring many benefits, they are at a time in their lives where they experience many barriers and challenges. It is our role as a city to create a positive, and supportive community which benefits us all.

“Our city needs the perspective of youth. Their drive, passion, creativity and desire for innovation will move Hamilton forward” Youth Engager – Xperience Annex

Project Goal

The City of Hamilton will be creating a youth strategy to understand the successes and challenges youth in Hamilton face, learn and showcase great stories of youth and partners supporting youth 14 to 29 in our city, identify partnerships to create new opportunities for youth, and showcase our youth and partners and look for opportunities to enhance services with better city support.

How will this happen?

The project will roll out in 3 phases over the course of 2018. The 3 phases for the project are:

Stage 1: Planning
November 2017 to February 2018

  • Project Plan
  • Determine Partners and Stakeholders
  • Create Project Website and Social Media
  • Determine committees

Stage 2: Engaging the Community
March to September 2018

  • Launch Youth Steering Committee
  • Large and Small workshops with agencies and youth
  • Online engagement opportunities through website and on Instagram
  • Showcasing great stories

Stage 3: Creating the Strategy
October 2018 to February 2019

  • Analyzing data with youth steering committee members
  • Determining action items
  • Input and Feedback into draft
  • Final presentation to council

Youth Strategy Our Youth

Youth Engagement

A place for youth to complete a youth voice survey by September 30, 2018, find events, and learn more about programs, services, and resources that help support them.

Learn more about our youth resources

Partner Engagement

Submit the services you currently offer by September 30, 2018 to help us understand all of the services available to youth. You can also find resources to help support young people in Hamilton.

Learn more about our partner resources

Community Engagement

Find out about where the youth strategy team will be capturing the voices of the youth community.

Learn where you can find us in the community 

Youth Strategy Updates

National Youth Week Workshop

On May 7, 2018, the City of Hamilton Youth Strategy hosted it’s National Youth Week Workshop. Over 250 people came together to discuss what is done well and not so well for youth as well as ideas to improve.

If you wish to learn more about what participants discussed, read our National Youth Week Workshop Summary (PDF, 837.37 KB). 

It’s Your Time To Shine Youth Questionnaire – Age 14 to 29

As a youth in Hamilton, you play a crucial role in making our city great. “It’s Your Time Shine” We want to hear from you.

  • What do you love about Hamilton that's youth related
  • What are the biggest challenges for youth in Hamilton
  • What are your ideas to make Hamilton more youth friendly

Please completed the 10 minute online questionnaire

Youth Champions

We want to tell the great stories of Hamilton youth. Submit your story to be captured on our website.

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