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Welcome to unstoppable
Key messages

  • Hamilton is a tenacious, proud, spirited, ambitious, welcoming and diverse city. Determined. Innovative. Always moving forward.
  • Hamilton supports job creation, economic growth and prosperity, and its City Council unanimously supported submitting a proposal to Amazon.
  • Hamilton is a well-positioned contender and exceeds the bid criteria; Hamilton and its surrounding area is an ‘educational hub’ with access to a highly skilled labour force including tech and a population of over two million people. We offer an urban location with high connectivity to downtown, a fantastic quality of life, a vibrant arts, culture and food scene, immediate access to high quality fibre connectivity and world class health-care, at an intersection of multi-modal transit and goods transport.
  • Hamilton has a top-ranked and one of the most diverse economies in the country. It makes smart business sense to submit a proposal to Amazon. It will mean long-term benefit to our community in terms of economic and community investment, employment, prosperity and growth.
  • Hamilton is transforming in parallel with Amazon’s expansion. This kind of economic development opportunity is perfectly timed with the business growth and creative transformation that is underway right now in the city.
  • All of the work that was done to develop the Amazon proposal will be leveraged to drive other key opportunities and future investment in Hamilton.
  • The Welcome to Hamilton. Welcome to Unstoppable. campaign was developed in tandem with the Amazon HQ2 bid. It is intended to be a 2-3-year campaign that speaks to all that Hamilton has to offer – to Amazon and other future investors. It supports the city’s commitment to growth and innovation and to attracting future investment by promoting Hamilton locally, nationally and internationally. 

Supporting the “Welcome to Hamilton. Welcome to Unstoppable” campaign

Based on the very large number of North American cities that have submitted proposals for HQ2, it will be important to raise Hamilton’s profile locally and internationally.  We encourage you and your team to plan and execute a support campaign over the next several weeks and months.

How you can publicly support Hamilton’s Amazon HQ2 proposal and the #UnstoppableHamilton campaign:

  • Use the #UnstoppableHamilton hashtag in your social media posts if you are communicating about any of Hamilton’s assets and attributes
  • Direct people to www.unstoppablehamilton.ca as the online source for information about the ‘Unstoppable Hamilton’ campaign
  • Tweet/share the Welcome to Unstoppable video - https://youtu.be/VJBWJoo_89c
  • Share your stories about why Hamilton is “unstoppable”
  • Use key messages in your conversations and communications with the community
  • Use key messaging and Quick Facts in your social media posts; be sure to include the hashtag #UnstoppableHamilton
  • Use key messages in conversations with media
  • Use key messages in your public presentations and community conversations
  • Share with City staff opportunities to react to community sentiment and connect with the community
  • Retweet City of Hamilton #UnstoppableHamilton social media posts and show your support

Wherever you talk about why Hamilton is unstoppable use the badge to show your support for the Unstoppable Hamilton ‎campaign on your website and in your social media posts. 

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Sharing Hamilton's assets and attributes

Quick Facts, assets and attributes from Hamilton’s Amazon HQ2 Proposal

Community, Culture and Health

• Hamilton is tenacious, spirited, ambitious, diverse and welcoming
• We have a distinctive and dynamic arts, and music scene, with homegrown neighbourhood festivals, burgeoning foodie scene, fresh food trucks and pop-up restaurants
• 400+ outdoor events attracting 4.5M people and 200+ music venues
• Affordable living
• Universal health care
• Home to Canada’s largest botanical garden, UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve and stunning Niagara Escarpment
• More than 200 baseball diamonds, 180 soccer fields, 60 community centres, 27 community pools, 19 arenas and 5 football fields
• More than 2500 acres of parkland and hundreds of kilometres of walking hiking and biking trails
• Growing and well-utilized SoBi bike share program
• Home to 15 National Historic Sites
• 7000+ people employed in arts, entertainment and recreation
• Among Top 10 cities in North America for musicians per capita
• Mix of 100-year-old and modern architecture
• Support for a variety of environmental sustainability programs and clean energy approaches 

Labour & Education

• Hamilton is surrounded by one of the most highly educated, skilled and reliable workforces in the world
• The Golden Horseshoe is one of the largest tech clusters in the world – second only to Silicon Valley
• Hamilton is surrounded by hundreds of cutting edge, multi-national companies, government agencies, academic institutions and start-ups, all focused on innovation, research and discovery; nearly two thirds of Canada’s innovation activity happens in the Golden Horseshoe
• This region has 23 world-leading universities and colleges – the largest cluster in Canada – including McMaster University and Mohawk College with cutting-edge research and innovation focus
• Post-secondary education in Ontario is publicly-funded and more affordable than in U.S.
• Canada’s progressive immigration policies make it easier for skilled immigrants to come; nearly half of those who immigrate to Canada each year choose to live in Ontario; in Hamilton, well over half of immigrants hold an apprenticeship, college or university degree
• Golden Horseshoe region will have 13.5 million people working in 6.3 million jobs by 2041
• More than 2,000 international students attending McMaster from over 79 countries and over 1,800 international students attending Mohawk College


• In Hamilton, HQ2 is in the centre of major Ontario population centres and airports
• Hamilton is one of the least congested cities in Ontario
• Hamilton is Canada’s multi-modal goods movement giant
• Hamilton offer access to two major highways, proximity to six international airports, Hamilton Port Authority, GO Transit, public transit (HSR), nearly 200 kilometres of bike lanes, home to future Light Rail Transit system (LRT), Smart Commute program, walkways and pathways
• We are the only Southern Ontario/Greater Toronto-Hamilton Area (GTHA) city that can offer every mode of transportation within the city limits 


• Hamilton’s economy ranks as the most diversified in Canada
• Ontario is the largest economy in Canada
• Hamilton provides a highly competitive, low cost operating environment for business operations and employees
• Canada’s labour costs per employee are lowest in the G7