Heritage Properties

Heritage Properties

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Heritage processes under review

The City is carrying out a review of the existing frameworks for:

  • processing Heritage Permit applications
  • addressing requests to designate properties under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act

City staff are seeking your input about these heritage processes.

Heritage Resources

A collection of heritage resources and inventories of heritage properties in the City of Hamilton, including heritage property mapping of designated, registered and inventoried properties.

Intention to Designate Notices

The City of Hamilton issues notices when there is intent to designate a property under Section 29 of the Ontario Heritage Act, as being a property of cultural heritage value.

You have 30 days after the publication of the Notice if you wish to object the proposed designation.

Hamilton Built Heritage Inventory Process

We are proactively updating the existing Inventory of Buildings of Architectural and/or Historical Interest. This inventory tells us what we have and where it is located.

Municipal Heritage Register

The City’s Municipal Heritage Register is the official record of cultural heritage properties that have been identified as being important to the community, consisting of:

  • Properties designated under Parts IV and V of the Ontario Heritage Act
  • Non-designated properties identified by Council as being of cultural heritage value or interest

Contact Heritage Planning:

[email protected]

Where are the Heritage Conservation Districts in Hamilton?

The City of Hamilton has seven Heritage Conservation Districts:

  • Cross-Melville
  • Durand-Markland
  • Hamilton Beach
  • MacNab-Charles
  • Mill Street
  • St. Clair Avenue
  • St. Clair Boulevard