Built Heritage Inventory Process

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Waterdown Village Built Heritage Inventory

In preparation for the Waterdown Community Node Secondary Plan, staff will be conducting a Built Heritage Inventory of the Village of Waterdown to help inform the planning process. Inventory work will be conducted in the Spring and Summer of 2018, including filling out survey forms and taking up-to-date photographs of the buildings in the area.

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Built Heritage Inventory Process

An inventory tells us what we have and where it is located. The City of Hamilton is proactively updating its “Inventory” of heritage properties, previously referred to as Hamilton’s Heritage Volume 2: Inventory of Buildings of Architectural and/or Historical Interest.

The Inventory is a compilation of over 30 years of data on properties identified as having cultural heritage value or interest. Properties have been added to the Inventory as a result of survey work conducted by volunteers and Heritage Committee members, as part of project work conducted by the City and through the development application process.

There are over 6,000 addresses listed on the Inventory across the City. To view the active Inventory listings, please visit the City’s Heritage Property mapping.

An accurate, comprehensive and updated heritage inventory will help improve transparency and accessibility of information on the City’s heritage resources for property owners, citizens and staff. A goal of the updated Built Heritage Inventory work is to evaluate each property to determine if it has cultural heritage value or interest that should be recognized by adding it to the Municipal Heritage Register or further evaluated for potential designation under the Ontario Heritage Act.

Recent Inventory Work

The Durand Neighbourhood Built Heritage Inventory Project (DNBHI) was completed in June 2017. The Council-approved recommendations included:

The final recommendations were considered and approved by the Planning Committee as part of HMHC Report 17-004. Planning Committee Report 17-010 (PDF, 226 KB)

Note: Staff will be reporting back to Planning Committee and Council on the following items related to the Durand Inventory:

  • The feasibility of conducting a heritage conservation district study of Ravenscliffe Avenue;
  • The addition of 6, 12, 19 and 26 Ravenscliffe Avenue, Hamilton to staff’s designation work plan (Deferred); and,
  • The addition of 75 Bold Street, 93 Bold Street, 90 Duke Street, 4 Ravenscliffe Avenue and 12 Ravenscliffe Avenue, Hamilton to the Municipal Heritage Register (Deferred).

The project concluded in the fall of 2014 and resulted in Council approving the addition of over 660 non-designated properties to the Municipal Heritage Register and the identification of 30 candidates for designation under the Ontario Heritage Act.

Note: Staff will be reporting back to Planning Committee and Council on the following items related to the Downtown Hamilton Inventory:

  • The addition of 206-210 King Street East, Hamilton to the Municipal Heritage Register and staff’s designation work plan (Deferred).

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