Hamilton Built Heritage Inventory Process

Buildings within in the Durand Neighbourhood

Final recommendations of the Durand Inventory project

The recommendations from the Durand Inventory will be considered by Planning Committee at their meeting on Tuesday, June 6, 2017 as part of Hamilton Municipal Heritage Committee Report 17-004.

The recommendations include:

On the May 18, 2017 Agenda of the Hamilton Municipal Heritage Committee:

Background information

  • May 18, 2017: Final recommendations were considered and endorsed by the Hamilton Municipal Heritage Committee
  • December 14, 2016: An open house was held to consult with property owners affected by these recommendations.
  • Fall 2016: Draft recommendations were completed and made available for public review and comment.

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What is the Durand Inventory project?

The Durand Inventory was an initiative to update the City of Hamilton’s database of information on heritage resources in the neighbourhood.

The goal was to evaluate each property to determine if it has cultural heritage value or interest that should be recognized by adding it to the Register or further evaluated for potential designation under the Ontario Heritage Act.

How do you determine if a property has cultural heritage value or interest?

The heritage value of each property was evaluated and classified based on its contribution to the character of the Durand and its four sub-areas: North Durand, Central Durand, James Street Corridor and South Durand.

The classification scheme is based on provincial criteria for determining cultural heritage value or interest (Ontario Regulation 9/06) and was designed to identify:

  • Properties that are historical, aesthetic or cultural landmarks of considerable heritage value (Significant Built Resources); and,
  • Properties whose heritage value lies primarily in the contribution they make to their historic context (Character-Defining Resources and Character-Supporting Resources).

What are the final recommendations of the Durand Inventory project?

The Durand Inventory report recommends that 76% of all properties be added to the Register (approximately 740 properties).

There are also 51 properties (6%) that have been identified as candidates for designation and are recommended to be added to staff’s work plan.

A public open house was held on December 14, 2016 to consult with property owners affected by these recommendations.

What is the Inventory?

The Inventory is a compilation of over 25 years of data on properties identified as being of potential cultural heritage value or interest.

There are over 8,500 addresses listed on the Inventory city-wide, and approximately 740 of those are in the study area for the Durand Neighbourhood Built Heritage Inventory project.

Properties have been added to the Inventory as a result of survey work conducted by volunteers and Heritage Committee members, as part of project work conducted by the City and through the development application process.

There are no legal restrictions imposed on property through the listing on the Inventory. Inventoried properties are not subject to Heritage Permits.

What is the Register?

The Register is an administrative record that consists of both non-designated properties of cultural heritage value or interest and properties designated under the Ontario Heritage Act.

It requires consultation with our Hamilton Municipal Heritage Committee and a Council resolution to include (or remove) a property on the Register.

The Register provides interim protection from demolition for non-designated properties by requiring an owner to give 60-days notice of their intention to demolish or remove a building or structure on the property.

Non-designated registered properties are not subject to Heritage Permits.

Currently, there are 825 non-designated properties on the Register.

What is heritage designation?

A designated heritage property is protected by a municipal by-law that defines its heritage attributes, which are the features that contribute to the cultural heritage value of the property. The City is able to manage physical changes to a designated property through the heritage permit process, as well as provide grants and loans to facilitate appropriate management of designated properties.

Find more information on the City's financial incentives for designated heritage properties.


Hamilton Built Heritage Inventory Process

The City is proactively updating the existing Inventory of Buildings of Architectural and/or Historical Interest (PDF, 1.5 MB), known as the “Inventory”. An inventory tells us what we have and where it is located. The current Inventory has informed funding programs, provided context for designations and informed and educated the public.

An updated inventory will help improve transparency and accessibility of information on the City’s heritage resources for property owners, citizens and staff. 

Durand Neighbourhood Inventory

The City is currently focusing on an inventory of historic buildings in the Durand Neighbourhood in Downtown Hamilton. The Durand is one of four original historic neighbourhoods of Hamilton, included in the City’s incorporation in 1833.  The neighbourhood is known for its:

  • Richness and quality of architecture
  • Diversity of residents and dwelling types

Location: Bounded by Queen, Main, and James Streets, and the Niagara Escarpment.

Map of Durand Neighbourhood

Durand Neighbourhood Built Heritage Inventory: Draft Report

A draft of the Durand Inventory report is available for review:

Durand Neighbourhood Built Heritage Inventory Draft Report - September 2016 (PDF, 12 MB)
Appendix A: Historic Maps and Views (PDF, 567 KB)
Appendix B: Priorities for Designation (PDF, 81 KB)
Appendix C: Property Inventory Forms:

Appendix D: Evaluation Spreadsheet (PDF, 3 MB)
Appendix E: Mapping Results (PDF, 9 MB)
Appendix F: Public Consultation (PDF, 630 KB)

Online Survey IconWe want to hear from you!

Provide your comments on the Durand Inventory Report using our online feedback form. Comments will be used to inform the final staff report to Council for this project.

Open House
Held December 14, 2016
To consult with owners of properties recommended for inclusion in the Register and properties identified as priorities for potential designation under the Ontario Heritage Act. Durand Inventory Open House (PDF, 12 MB)

Project Update - Community Meeting
Held October 18, 2016
City staff and ERA Architects Inc. presented the findings of the draft report on the Durand Neighbourhood Built Heritage Inventory at the Annual General Meeting of the Durand Neighbourhood Association.

Bike Tour - Historic Durand Neighbourhood
Held August 24, 2016
As part of the PEDRides initiative, staff led a bike tour exploring the diverse history and evolution of the Durand Neighbourhood and discussing the City’s ongoing built heritage inventory project.

Public Meeting #1
Held December 10, 2015
A public open house and facilitated public meeting. Residents were encouraged to attend and share their ideas about what they value in the Durand Neighbourhood and what role they would like to see heritage conservation play in the area.

Project Launch - Community Meeting
Held March 9, 2015
Presentation at the Annual General Meeting of the Durand Neighbourhood Association.

The Downtown Built Heritage Inventory Project (DBHI) was a pilot study to review and update the City's Inventory. It included conducting updated field surveys and historical research on properties in Downtown Hamilton to identify candidates for recognition and protection under the Ontario Heritage Act.

The project concluded in the fall of 2014 and resulted in Council approving the addition of over 660 non-designated properties to the Municipal Heritage Register and the identification of 30 candidates for designation under the Ontario Heritage Act.

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